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Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

WMC has just kicked off which means that the gloves have now come off and everyone is showing off their biggest guns. The first two tracks here respectively by Hot Since 82 & Henrik Schwarz are easily house music masterpieces but don't count out the others as we include an absolute banger from Kill Frenzy, a new stunning remix of an older Maya Jane Coles tune, and the list rounds off with none other than Motor City Drum Ensemble.

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1. “The End” Hot Since 82 vs Joe T Vannelli feat. Csilla, Moda Black

Hot Since 82's "The End" gets it's own release with a couple of remixes after a release on his LP "Little Black Book" lat year. The End was hammered out on the playa at Robot Heart by Damian Lazarus at Burning Man last year, it's Pete Tong's former Essential New Tune, and it sounds like nothing else on this planet. Need we say more?

2. “From The Inside (Henrik Schwarz Remix)” Chasing Kurt, Defected

Henrik Schwarz has the unique ability to infuse organic sounds & melodies with non-organic ones and is this instance he has created a sheer masterpiece out of Chasing Kurt's "From The Inside". The synth-work mixed with melancholy of the violin and flute is something of a rare treat one will ever hear in electronic music. Ten out of ten this one is.

3. “Big Breasted Beauty” Kill Frenzy, Hypercolour

Massive tune alert! Recently caned by Shadow Child on his very recent Essential Mix, this bass-heavy jam is quite the banger complete with a wobbly bassline and choppy vocal samples.

4. “Ambience A” Bassel, Cadenza Lab

Another highly unique tune on the chart out now on Cadenza Lab via the Danse Macabre EP. Frankfurt based Bassel Heider aka Bassel turns in a beautifully mysterious track that would be fitting for the perfect sunset or even sunrise party.

5. “Quest” Piri Piri, Silverback Recordings

South London duo Piri Piri produce a stunningly diverse set of tunes for the Patterns EP which is out now on Silverback Recordings. We love the third track on the EP "Quest", thanks to the gorgeous melodies and mysterious crooning voice that float smoothly over the choppy yet cohesive beats.

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6. “Back It Up” Squarehead, BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Out now & available for purchase, this tune by Squarehead out of the UK starts out in a deep manner but soon evolves into a big room jam with some catchy vocal cuts and throwback piano stabs.

7. “Something In The Air (Dark Sky Remix)” Maya Jane Coles, Hypercolour

More avant-garde on thé house music plate this week and in this instance we have a new brilliant Dark Sky remix of Maya Jane Coles' "Something In The Air" from 2011 off of Hypercolour.

8. “Orfiline” Audioleptique, Future Relics

Warm chords are aplenty on this pumping deep house gem turned in by Audioleptique.

9. “Let Me Fuse (Abstrakt Audio Remix)” Xander Milne, Whiskey Pickle Records

Nothing but feel good vibes on this one as Abstrakt Audio remixes Xander Milne's "Let Me Fuse" on his debut EP.

10. “Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Deep Mix)" Romanthony, Glasgow Underground

This remix package of Romanthony's "Trust" was released in early January but Motor City Drum Ensemble's remix is still worthy of talking about and will be for some time to come. Deep and gorgeous house music the way we like it. RIP Romanthony.

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