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Top Techno Tracks of the Week - New Electronic Music

Magnetic Mag 2-28-14

There are good things going on in EDM culture, as some techno heavies let loose huge tunes recently. I think I might have picked a couple good ones this week, but that’s up to you people. There are a few mighty mellow techno tunes in the chart this week that I love and adore, and then several vicious weapons to resupply your arsenal for dance floor warfare. Get pumped up people, life is beautiful and full of great music, so open your ears, get after it, let’s have some techno fun, I won’t techno for an answer!

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1. “Fever” Tiga vs Audion, Turbo Recordings
These two gentleman are owning the techno game. Audion kicked off his amazing visual tour, and Tiga is getting ready to throw down on the polo grounds come April… If you’re sick, don’t listen to this song, you’ll only get sicker, cause it’s burning me up and it’s burning me down, down, down, down, down…

2. “Riesling (Dubfire Remix)” Figueroa & Obando, SCI+TEC
Dubfire is many things, he’s great at minimal techno, and he’s great at classing it up. So, why not kick back, and pop open your own bottle of Riesling and let Dubfire wow you with his great rework of this techno tune by two young Medellin based producers.

3. “How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)” Factory Floor, DFA & Phantasy Sound
Daniel Avery shouldn’t be a stranger, the guy is making great music and remixing some prominent people. Here he does a masterful thing, he brings two amazing record labels together, and he bestows a beautifully cool, mellow techno remix. Take a load off, let this little bit of wonderful make your day.

4. “Still There” Chris Rusu, SCI+TEC
The intro vocal to the song is psychedelic, and blissfully tripped me out. When the intro finally climaxes, you have some great minimal waiting for you on the otherside, almost like you’re walking through a crazy acid infused maze with a bumping party at the end of it.

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5. “Sweet Sarrow” Hiroyuki Arakawa, Muller Records
This song is just plain cool, relaxed. Almost hauntingly so, it gets right in and takes over your body, some chill dance moves ensue. I love the orbital-esque ambient background melody that moves towards a tasty climax. It guides with a wonderfully positive vibe that transcends and impresses.

6. “Do What You Want” Skober, This is Hot Audio
Is summer here yet? This song is too hot for the winter… It definitely warms things up, and let’s you know Spring is going to save our souls. Unless you’re in Miami or LA, then disregard that analogy. This song is serious, very alive, and throbbing towards a great party.

7. “Hungexpo” Sasha Carassi, Bedrock
Do not look at this tune the wrong way, it will punch you, and not feel bad about it. It’s dramatic, it’s sexy, it’s violent, it’s a dance floor weapon. With great power, comes great responsibility, so read the instructions and the warning label first, and use this beauty wisely.

8. “True Romance (Roberto Remix)” Danielle Nicole, Thoughtless Music
Very serious business in this song right here, Roberto’s remix treatment is definitely a success. There seems to be a precision throughout that guides it, and gives it an undeniable perfection.

9. “Kopad” Remy Maurin & Pierre Delort, Phobiq Recordings
A Detroit techno homage with a subtle arrangement that can do no wrong. This work of techno feels like late night Friday night translated into song. It’s got great variety throughout, and the varying elements throughout come in an excellent progression.

10. “Escape” Floria, Stoney Roads
Australia is on top of it’s game, got a lot of good things coming from that summer down under. This genre bender has so many elements, and they all come together beautifully. It’s romantic with it’s R&B vocal, it’s focused with it’s tech fused beat, and a little sinister. It’s a love story gone wrong.

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