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Top Ten Free Downloads Of The Week


If the best things in life are free, then music is certainly one of them. Enjoy this week’s eclectic compilation of free EDM downloads.

Major Lazer, “Smooth Sailing”
My number one this week. Major Lazer provided the soundtrack to my summer and they are just in time to do it again. This song doesn’t bump like the usual Lazer tracks, it’s more relaxed, similar to one of their older tracks, “Cash Flow.” Grab the download and enjoy.

Disclosure, “White Noise” (Hotel Garuda)
Ah Disclosure, you’ve come so far. It seems like remixing Disclosure is a right of passage for DJs these days. How flattering. Another solid track to add to your collection of Disclosure reworks.

Trinidad James & Foster The People, “Gold Friend” (4EU3 Remix)
I can honestly say I’ve never listened to Foster The People and I rarely tolerate Trinidad James. However, this unexpected mashup of “All Gold Everything” and “Best Friend” is pretty sweet. Check it out.

The Weeknd, “Drunk In Love”
The Weeknd turned a song about banging a dude in a particular position into a song about banging a bunch of girls in a lot positions. It’s also really good, download it.

L D R U & Yahtzel, “The Only One”
I adore Yahtzel. Introduce your sweet ears to some sweet sounds with this track and while you’re at it check out one of their older tracks, “Jungle Feels.”

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Point Point, “Life In Grey”
I almost didn't include this track because there isn't a photo attached to it, but you didn't come here for photos so close your eyes and enjoy these wonderful tunes.

Melodiesinfonie, “Sunshine Is Gone”
Whether you’re buried in books or buried in bills, this mellow track will keep you from reaching for the razor, despite its depressing title.

Pretty Lights, “Lost And Found” (ODESZA Remix)
I’ve been waiting to splash some Pretty Lights onto one of my lists and this week is the one. Pretty Lights does not need to be remixed, but ODESZA was bold enough to do it and did a fine job. Download it and get funky.

ORCA, “Only Haze”
Yet another gem from the mines of Cream Collective, what else is new?

Lil Kim, “Crush On You” (AOBeats & Brad Ford Remix)
I know Lil Kim is irrelevant, but this track is pretty catchy. Scope it.

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