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We Talk With Michael Woods After His Set At the Launch Of The “No Pants Party” At Pacha NYC

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Michael Woods Launches NYC Residency at Pacha’s “No Pants Party”

Pants were strongly discouraged at Pacha NYC on Friday for the opening night of Michael Woods' residency there. Dubbed the "No Pants Party," this spectacle didn't call for a predictable DJ dropping overplayed bangers, but a DJ who could deliver an electrifying musical experience. On Friday night, Michael Woods stepped up to weave an intricate set spanning tech, electro and progressive house music.

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Woods showcased his finest tracks, including his recently released “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” EP, the always moving “Last Day on Earth,” and an unreleased tune “In Your Arms,” a melodic track with stirring vocals that should be released by this summer. I was struck by Woods’ ability to play lesser-known tracks with rich, unique sounds that owned the vibe of the club. At times I found myself so drawn into these tracks that I was jumping with the same fervor as if I was hearing a familiar favorite, and the crowd did the same. After dancing my ass off in the DJ booth with Woods, I caught up with him in the green room.

If you could describe tonight in two words what would you say?

Fucking awesome!

Was the No Pants Party your idea?

No, it was not my idea. However, I’ve got a residency here at Pacha New York, and I do have some really good ideas. My next show is here at the end of May, so if you wanna check out my ideas, make sure you come and check it out. It’s gonna be really cool!

Is there a schedule to your residency at Pacha?

There’s no strict schedule, it’s like 4 shows for the year at Pacha, and there are 2 extra festival shows, Pier 94 and Governor’s Island. I think there are 6 shows total for the year. The last one I did at Governor’s Island with Gareth Emery was ridiculous. It was like four to five thousand people down on the river, it was a really cool show.

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What song were you most looking forward to playing tonight?

I just finished a track actually, it’s called “In Your Arms.” I’m really happy because I played it tonight, and it’s really cool when you play a brand new song, and someone comes up to you and says, “What’s this song?” Do you know what I mean? And that happened tonight when I played it, so I was like, “Sweet!” I just literally finished it on the flight, it’s like a 6-hour flight from LA. I was working on this song all the way here, finished it, played it tonight, and I think it went down pretty well actually. I’m going to try and release it before the Miami season.

Michael Woods Launches NYC Residency at Pacha’s “No Pants Party”

So the name of your most recent album and tour is “Ctrl+Alt+Delete,” which is the key combination to restart a Windows computer. Does that have any significance with respect to restarting your career?

Yes, kind of. I want to try new sounds because I’m so bored of the same sounds. When I download tracks off Beatport, and I get all the promos for them, I put them all together and listen to them and, I’m not being funny, they all sound the same. And the reason is that back in the day people used to have to invest in a big studio, they had to spend money to make music, but now you can buy a computer and buy Logic for a few hundred bucks and start making music. Anyone can do it, but everyone’s using the same sounds, so therefore, all the music is starting to sound exactly the same. So “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” is about resetting. Let’s do it from the start and try and make something new. That’s the whole point of it.

Besides “In Your Arms,” do you have any other releases coming up?

Yes, there’s one more I want to mention. I just finished this track and sent it to Nicky Romero. He said he loved it. He did an edit, and we’re going to release it on his label Protocol. We’re just working on the vocal right now. It’s going to be out, hopefully mid-summer. We haven’t named it yet. It’s going to be on Protocol and it’s going to be a Mike Woods track, Nicky Romero edit. Look out for it.

Woods is currently on tour all across the U.S. His next shows are Friday, March 7th at INT’L in Scottsdale, AZ and Saturday, March 8th at Create in LA. Woods returns to Pacha NYC in late May, exact date TBD.

His EP “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” is available now on iTunes, Beatport and Juno.

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