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Album Review - Gareth Emery "Drive" Out on Garuda - New Electronic Music

Album Review - Gareth Emery "Drive" Out on Garuda - New Electronic Music

Earlier this year, fans around the world fell in love with the insatiable vocals and undeniably beautiful chords of "U" - the love child between Gareth Emery and Bo Bruce. This potent track sent EDM culture into a euphoric trance, craving more of the signature synths and heart wrenching vocal overlays. A teaser to the album release, "Lights & Thunder" featuring the hard-hitting vocal talents of Yasmin & Jahan of Krewella dropped and instantly flooded the charts. Remix packages showcasing genres from every end of the spectrum created an internet hype that rarely exceeds our industry expectations, and the flurry of #LightsandThunder on social media interactions escalated in a very short period of time.

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Gareth Emery recently s expressed his place in EDM - "Trance is in a strange place, it's the world that I come from and a lot of my fans definitely consider themselves trance fans. The most interesting place in that style of music is where it crosses over into other genres - that melting pot middle ground of trance and progressive, or trance and house." Drive is a perfect example of how boundaries such as these are non-existent, everything is just as it is, and the result is absolutely beautiful.

Album Review - Gareth Emery "Drive" Out on Garuda - New Electronic Music

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From classic vocal tracks featuring the return of highly established artist Christina Novelli, to power-ridden progressive tracks alongside EDM prodigy Ben Gold, the plot of the album is clear; it is the overall evolution and venture throughout vast ranges of emotions, stories, and experiences. The album in its entirety is reflective of life; seek to learn, drive to find. Drive is not just a "Trance" album, or an "EDM" album, it is a compelling story of the marriage between personal discoveries and wordly findings.

Emery's tracks "Entrada," "Firebird," and "Long Way Home" nearly act as the course of a well written story or screenplay, perfectly positioned at the intro of the album, intermission and finally, a perfect ending. "Entrada" captivates the attention of listeners with a soft start, progressively building up into an explosion of curiosity and synth enriched twists and turns - no doubt preparing the audience for an all-encompassing Tour D'Emery.

As we wind through progressive and melodic pieces of ear-candy with the help of Ms. Novelloi, Gavin Beach, Ben Gold, LJ Ayrten and Asia Whiteacre, we find ourselves at "Firebird," a stunning upbeat melody piecing together the mystery of the road less traveled; a forward-moving set of beautiful effects and harmonic riffs, taking us into our favorite track on the album, "Solider" - a collaboration between Gareth & Roxanne Emery, and yes, it is as perfect as it sounds. Krewella and Bo Bruce follow with their incredibly emotional lyrical additions in "Lights & Thunder," and "U" nearly representing the diversity of accomplishments, and ranges of feelings we reach throughout different points in our life, putting us at the perfect path to the "Long way Home." This story - This track, it speaks for itself.

Drive will without a doubt remain one of the most beautiful, diverse, perfectly produced albums we see this year, to top it will have to be something extraordinarily magical.

You can download Drive on Amazon and iTunes.

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