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Artist Spotlight: Ready Never Release Full Legth Album Eleutherophobia

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Los Angeles based ready EDM rock band Ready Never have just released their first album Eleutherophobia. This ten track debut album is chalked full mondern electro, house and dubstep instrumentation and drum breaks.

What sets them apart from most other EDM acts out there is they actually perform the music live, as opposed to recording everything in the studio and then playing more of a DJ set.

Eleutherophobia is exactly that- a live EDM rock album. You can actually hear the live bass and drums incorporated with the more traditional triggered samples and loops you would hear in a modern electronic music set.

On their sound, Ready Never says "We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music. But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound."

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Overall Eleutherophobia accurately reflects the majority of current songs in both rock and EDM. There's a little funk, a little dub, a little techno, and a little house. Some tracks are vocal, others rely on the instrumentation and music writing to carry them through.

Eleutherophobia is out now and available on  iTunes.

About Ready Never:

Ready Never is a new band from Los Angeles, California that combines Indie Electro Pop songs with an EDM Rock show. As the band continues to write and record pop songs infused with various forms of electronica, rock, funk, house, and indie sounds; they also share their love for instrumental jams and crescendo interludes within the live setting. Ready Never uses DJ equipment and foot pedals to trigger sequences and build upon beats and rhythms developed all the while Clinton Karcher rocks the live drums and Benny Ed leads on vocals and bass guitar.

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