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Avril Lavigne Gets A Skrillex Haircut And Struggles With EDM In "Hello Kitty"

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Avril Lavigne is the latest mainstream artist who is struggling with EDM culture. In her new video, she shaves one side of her head like it's 2011 and tries to go all Skrillex with a "Hello Kitty" twist.

At first the corny guitar riff and basic bitch rap makes "Hello Kitty" sound like one of 1,000s of "I Love Rock N Roll" knock offs, but then... wait for it... the drop comes in, bro. Now the song turns into some fucked up dubstep dance rock Linkin' Park Hybrid Theory disaster. Like most mainstream artists trying to go EDM, it's no Sanrio Surprise to us that the song is Pochi shit, but you can be the judge for yourself.

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And about all those Japanese references in the song and video? All we have to say is- white girl problems.  The struggle is real folks. Really, really, real.

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If they take down the YouTube video again you can view it here.

This controversy surrounding this video has grown beyond another failed attempt of a pop artist going EDM, as many Asian American groups are calling this video "racist". Lavigne has responded on twitter by saying:

A message to Ms. Lavigne - a "culture", especially when applied to race and ethnicity, is not something to be mimicked, no matter how much you "love" it. Your video is filled with generic reflections of Japanese stereotypes, some of which have direct negative consequences in American society - (most specifically, the silent Asian woman as an accessory, not a person). It is one thing to respect and value traditions of a certain race; it is another to view it as an exotic novelty.

-- Yosh

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