The Chainsmokers Remix Guy Sebastian's "Like A Drum"


The Chainsmokers Remix Guy Sebastian's "Like A Drum"

The Chainsmokers aren't letting one hit record slow down their output one bit. They've just dropped their remix of Guy Sebastian's "Like A Drum" and are poised to have another Hype Machine heater on their hands.

If you're not familiar with Guy Sebastian, he's a vocalist who won American Idol and a judge on the down under X-Factor. It's definitely more of a pop remix, which is a noted change in style for the Alex and Drew of the Chainsmokers (who are usually way more indie progressive), but they nailed it. This, combined with their massive hit #SELFIE and all of their other multiple Hype Machine #1's really go to show the depth these guys have when it comes to production. They can make some really great music, skating in different genres.

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Here's what Alex and Drew had to say about it:

... when Guy's ppl reached out to us about this song we were happy to lend a hand at a remix. We thought it was a nice departure from our usual stuff and would be fun to do something a little more pop based. The missions was clear, make a radio friendly remix that lent itself to the song and its vocals but keep it simple...'

Bummed cause you live in Australia and the Chainsmokers won't come there? Well you're in luck! It looks like they'll be touching down there this June. No word yet if this is going to be a full tour or what, but where pretty sure they'll be able to show Down Under a thing or or two. Did you know that Alex and Drew and can drink a bottle of Patron in less than an hour?

Now you know!

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