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Coldplay Couples With Avicii On "A Sky Full Of Stars"

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Basic bitches rejoice! Coldplay and Avicii have teamed up to bring you a new song called "A Sky Full Of Stars". It's a four minute corporate rock power ballad that keeps the Coldplay "Succesories" like vibe mashed up with some pretty killer EDM beats.  You can feel edgy around the office when you listen to it. Maybe it's time for you to go cray-cray and get that henna tribal tattoo (don't let the boss see- wink, wink!) or get double shot in that latte?!

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It's no coincidence that this track is called "A Sky Full Of Stars" as this track makes for great elevator music. You'll step out on your destination floor that much closer to the actual stars feeling like your floating in a way that only Chris Martin's voice can do. And those Avicii programmed drums! MMmmmm... Mmmm.

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Don't get it twisted (trans. please, try not to get confused), this is by in no means even close to what was accomplished on "Clocks". But it's a great way to stay hip to what the kids are listening to these days because of that Avicii EDM stuff.

And we all know Chris Martin is single now (We're sad for you Gwennie :( we thought you guys were so cute!).  Anyway, it looks like he has a little time on his hands so he's planned a little scavenger hunt for us to participate in! YAY!

It has to do with Coldplay's new album called "Ghost Stories" (SCARY!). Envelopes containing hand written lyrics from Chris (SO.RO.Mantic!) are hidden in ghost story books in libraries around the world. Stay tuned to twitter (so hip!) for hints on where you can find these envelopes. There's even a golden ticket (Willie Wonka reference- how fun!) that will score you a trip to see Coldplay live!

We can't confirm yet, but we think this contest might be sponsored by NoDoz.  Hopefully it works.

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