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Dee Sanae Mashes Up All The Stories Making EDM News

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Dee Sanae Mashes Up All The Stories Making EDM News

First, we are saddened by the great loss of the Legendary Godfather of House Music, Frankie Knuckles. Did you know there is an exponentially growing petition to put the late Knuckles on the cover of Rolling Stone? As of now, they need 8,642 people to sign it. I am sure that with all the club-goers, festival supporters and dance music industry and community worldwide we can make that happen.

Dee Sanae Mashes Up All The Stories Making EDM News

So with WMC pased what's on everyone's mind? Festivals, festivals, festivals… I think I might start one in my backyard, what do you think? Love it or hate it, Magnetic recently summed up 20 life-changing music festivals. Mysterland seems to have made the number one spot for life changing but will Sensation make headway on the next round? On a side note, with the buy-outs from SFX, hopefully more iconic festivals will be mind-blowing. On another side note, I certainly thought Burning Man would make it!

And this '40 Tips From a Seasoned Veteran' satire post made a lot of noise last week. Many of those who raved in the 90s say that the new generation of club goers/ravers really don’t understand how ‘great’ the scene was back in the day.  Do I have to mention that these same people in their glory days thought Darude’s “Sandstorm” was the shit? "No disrespect to him but you gather where I am going.

The repost of the rather 'disgruntled music veteran' on the NKOTBs in the dance scene was about 85% true and quite funny; while the 15% was just that he/she was having a (very) bad day.  Yes, I am sure that we can all agree with this person that when someone just says its all techno or house, we might just stare at them and shake our heads.  The post's author, dropEleven, states that Tiesto, David Guetta, Hardwell, Prydz/Pryda, Afrojack, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Avicii & AVB are all 'sellouts', but seems to be keen on deadmau5- oh wait he's a sellout too!

Speaking about the deadmau5, he’s been doing a lot of videos lately and they all have surface around his coffee runs which started last year with his second run with Pharrell.  He recently did one with none other than the Ice, Ice Baby himself, Vanilla Ice with Starbucks in tow.  If you have a few minutes at the office today or after, the videos are pretty interesting.  Deadmau5 seemed like he actually didn't want to get into it with Tiësto on Twitter, after Avicii cancelled due to gallbladder issues in Miami.  As Tijs thought that the mouse might have been a bit cheeky to Avicii, deadmau5 actually “zimmered” down and didn’t seem to want to have a go at someone for once.  Surprising!

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We’ve been seeing a lot of EDM artists showing up in the mainstream realm- from making cameos in commercials for fashion to electronics. Wonder what Oakenfold has been up to? Well check this promo he did for GoPro, World’s Most Versatile Camera, who knew old Oakie could ride a snowmobile like that? Well, I’m assuming that’s him.

Dee Sanae Mashes Up All The Stories Making EDM News

Is Hip-Hop going to take a stab at EDM now?  Maybe with the successful collab of Pharrell and Daft Punk it prompted none other than P Diddy to release an album with Guy Gerber. Hmm… If I am not mistaken, his last attempt to cross into the dance world, [pardon me it is now] Puff Daddy again, was allegedly not well received in Ibiza years ago when he got on stage.  As for his try at collabs with Erick Morillo, it was nothing more than his usual spoken rants looped over and over again.  Hopefully,  the new album with Gerber will be more than that, but it was originally supposed to be named “Ketamine.”  Ok, will Molly be there?  And sadly they say it’s for those after after hours.  So maybe if Puff Daddy has his usual passé’ ad nauseum catch phrases, it might just be perfect for the double all-nighter where just about everything sounds like Pavarotti after awhile.

With this Monday Mash-up dedicated to Frankie, I leave you with some unreleased tracks. Enjoy!  P.S. Even Obama was down with Frankie!

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