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Dee Sanae's Monday Mashup Of All The EDM News

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Dee Sanae's Monday Mashup Of All The EDM News

Outside of the latest EDM news, the energy seems to be high for this week, as the blood full moon kept a lot of people up. Did anyone get to see it? I didn’t, but I hope it didn’t awake the crazies and the freaks.

So let’s run down with the festival news first!  Electric Zoo has smartened up with all the overdoses, arrests [i.e. Coachella], tramplings [UMF] and mishaps that have been happening at this year’s festivals. So if you like to “stay high”, keep in mind the pat down and thorough search will happen at this year's EZ.

Dee Sanae's Monday Mashup Of EDM News

And what's this? Besides the city of Miami having some issues about EDM events in their city, Toronto is having their own, as they have banned electronic dance music at city owned buildings at Exhibition place. The funny part of this is that a Toronto nightclub called Muzik supporting the ban. I smell a rat? Could this be so that they minimize their competition and block promoters and force them to use private venues? You be the judge.

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In other festival news, Jay-Z has just confirmed that his Made in America Fest will be held in the City of Angels, the same time as it’s Philly-based event. So if you want to check it out, it will be bi-coastal this Labor Day weekend.  And even with all backlashes and troubles with EDM has faced  in Los Angeles, there are talks that  Insomniac and Hard will be working with the HOV, both curating stages for the festival. Jay Z an EDM diplomat?

The cancellation of the techno and well-awaited DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), along with Federation of Electronic Music Technology (which I have never heard of until now) is causing a lot of disappointment for fans of of the Detroit Sound. But the good news is that they aren’t facing any city sanctions or political backlash like UMF and the city of Toronto. And more good news it will be back in 2015!

Dee Sanae's Monday Mashup Of All The EDM News

All these festival struggles bringing you down?  Well how about a laugh?   Well, at least I hope so as it looks like the Anchorman lead Will Ferrell is producing a romantic comedy geared around, yup you guessed it EDM! "I'm in Love with a DJ," I hope won’t disappoint us, undeniably fans are waiting for a release date. Anticipation is a killer.

So here we come to an end of this Mash-up. I will leave you with some music that I am loving - Luca Grignaffini featuring Bonnie Legion.

Until next week, keep it fresh!

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