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DJ Headphone Review - NOCS NS900 Live - DJ Gear

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DJ Headphone Review - NOCS NS900 Live - DJ Gear

We recently got our hands on the new NS900 DJ Headphones by Swedish company NOCS to give them a test run. For complete transparency, we had never heard of NOCS before so we really had no idea what to expect from this latest entry into the already crowded DJ market.

Here are our thoughts:

Aesthetics - It’s always nice to be rocking a headphone that no one has seen before, especially one that has some beautiful minimal design. The NS900 is built for purpose but still maintains clean lines that give it a sort of elegance that is missing in most DJ headphones.

Comfort - As DJ headphones go the NS900’s are right on par with many of our favorite models in the space. They are light, provide enough clamping force to stay in place while mixing in the booth and the padding around the ear cups is gentle on the ears.  It also provides great job keeping the sound contained in loud environments.

What’s In The Box - The headphones come with a 1.6 meter coiled cable, 1.2m IOS cable with mic and remote, the standard 1/4 adapter and a simple yet sturdy carrying pouch with an industrial grade super zipper.

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Performance/Quality - You immediately know the NS900 is a quality piece of gear with the well machined parts and overall sturdiness. There is nothing worse than paying a grip of money for a a pair of headphones only to have them feel cheap/flimsy. We tested the headphones on a Pioneer 900 DJ Mixer, Allen & Heath Xone:92 Mixer and on an iPhone 5S. These headphones were engineered for DJs, it’s obvious the moment you turn up the volume against the external monitors. The bass is strong, the mid range is surprisingly present and the highs are crisp. It’s nice to have a really good full range as many DJ headphones really lose the mid range and when you are try to mix in key or match phrases on more challenging mixes this is really helpful.

The headphones also sounded just fine on our iPhone 5s but honestly we would not use these as our everyday headphones, as they are really built for DJ use.  With that said,  if you only travel with one pair these work because of their sturdy, relatively lightweight design.


Overall -

We love the design, durability and range of these headphones. The NS900 is one of the best DJ Headphones in the premium price range we have ever tested and if you are looking for a new pair we highly recommend them. The are available for purchase on Amazon
for $269.95


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