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Download Five Previously Unreleased Frankie Knuckles Productions For Electribe 101

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Download Five Previous Unreleased Frankie Knuckles Productions For Electribe 101

Shared as a way to honor house music legend Frankie Knuckles and his unfortunate passing yesterday, German vocalist Billy Ray Martin has just posted Electribe 101's "Headed For The Night" (previously unreleased) as a free download.

Electribe 101 was a pioneering European house group which released one album and several singles in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Its members consisted of Brian Nordhoff, Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, Roberto Cimarosti and Billy Ray Martin herself.

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The download package includes five versions of the song, all produced by Frankie Knuckles.  To commemorate the release, Martin wrote this on her Soundcloud page:

In honour of the beautiful work Frankie did for us, and for me, this set shows his soulfulness so well. To me the basslines are killer. I was never keen on my vocal performance but learn as you go along. I don't think these were ever released, so hopefully you'll enjoy these. Thanks Frankie Knuckles."

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