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EDM Struggles: Drunk Fan Falls Through Ceiling At DJ Snake Show

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EDM Struggles: Drunk Fan Crashes Through Ceiling At DJ Snake Show


Fans outside the Roxy Nightclub in Orlando after police shut down the DJ Snake show


So it looks like a drunk club goer in Orlando managed to break both his legs at the DJ Snake show this week. Somehow he climbed about 20 feet high into the drop section of the ceiling. He then proceed to crawl a few feet before the tiles collapsed, causing him to break both his legs in the fall.

The man smelled like alcohol and asked the police "What happened?" when they asked his name.  The venue was also immediately "turned down", aka closed, after the accident.

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Supporting DJ Kennedy Jones was maced while posing with fans for a photo as police were trying to clear the area.

Be careful out there this weekend folks. The #EDMStruggle is real.

Via: DJ City

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