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Electric Zoo 2014 Will Have Stricter Security

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Electric Zoo 2014 Will Have Stricter Security


Festival Goers At Electric Zoo In New York

Expect Electric Zoo 2014 in New York City to have much tighter security after two drug related deaths caused the cancellation of day three in 2013.

According the Wall Street Journal,  festival attendees can "expect drug-sniffing dogs, thorough pat-downs and undercover security officers with backgrounds in narcotics investigations."

Made Event, the festival promoters, also might add "amnesty bins" at the entrance gates, giving festival goers the opportunity to discard any contraband.  This is a similar strategy to what was seen at 2013's TomorrowWorld Festival, and as a practice already seen at several European electronic music festivals.

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All of these measures are designed to be part of a greater drug awareness and public safety campaign. As a part of this program,  all festival attendees will be required to watch an anti-drug public service announcement prior to activating festival wristbands.

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Electric Zoo is a three-day long music festival that traditionally takes place on Randall's Island in New York.  Made Event is still waiting to receive permits for this year's festival, and hopes these new security measures will help alleviate any additional scrutiny last year's deaths may have caused.   Permits are usually issued later in the year.

Made Event was purchased by the Robert Sillerman led SFX Entertainment last year.  According to Dr. Andrew Bazos, a doctor who serves on the SFX board to advise on crowd safety, there are no set spending limitations when it comes to providing medical services at these festivals.

Bazos believes "the recent consolidation of the electronic-dance-music industry... is making these gatherings safer than those put on by individual promoters who may lack the resources to provide extensive on-site medical services", the Wall Street Journal writes.

Trance DJ Armin van Buuren is also on the SFX's board.  He says "if they prohibit Electric Zoo, you'll have more underground raves" which are believed to be more dangerous.

The dates and lineup for Electric Zoo 2014 have not been released yet.

Read the full story on the Wall Street Journal.

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