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Festival Volunteers File Lawsuit Against Insomniac and Live Nation

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Festival Volunteers File Lawsuit Against Insomniac and Live Nation


Nocturnal Wonderland Volunteers

A class action lawsuit against Insomniac and Live Nation has been filed on behalf of volunteers of the festival. It alleges that "wages were illegally withheld from 'volunteers' of the companies’ music festivals, concerts and other events".  The suit, which can be viewed on, states that both Insomniac and Live Nation recruited volunteers to do the work of paid employees at on-site stores, merchandise tents, water stations, and information booths in exchange for admission to festivals, with promised time off to enjoy the show.

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The suit claims that the compensation was “highly overstated and essentially worthless” as volunteers were not given any time off to view the show, and were also not given federally mandated breaks for lunch, etc.   Also, it claims that volunteers were also promised the "opportunity to learn the inner workings of a festival environment", but were often assigned to more menial customer service positions.

Volunteers also had to pay a deposit, which they agreed to be withheld by Insomniac and Live Nation if duties were not performed completely or if they misbehaved while onsite.  In essence, some volunteers had to pay to work, according to the lawsuit.

Federal law and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) state that all time spent working must be compensated at a rate of no less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr. This lawsuit seeks to recover these wages for the volunteers.

Are You Covered In This Lawsuit Against Insomniac and Live Nation?

According to

The lawsuit seeks to cover all those who worked as unpaid volunteers for any Insomniac or Live Nation event, show or other promotional gathering in the United States during the last four years. According to the lawsuit, thousands of volunteers may be eligible to collect compensation for the hours they worked as unpaid volunteers at Insomniac and/or Live Nation events."

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