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Gear Review: Glitch Vocals 2 By Soundbox

Gear Review: Glitch Vocals 2 By Soundbox

Maybe I'm bias, because I've been “glitching” or “studdering” when making new electronic music since the late 90's (I was taught by BT). Before that, I was chopping up vocals on an old program called Recycle, and triggering them via a couple Digidesign Samplecells (a technique taught to me by my fellow “Submarine” bandmate, on Yoshitoshi records, Victor Imbres). But, when I got the demo for “Glitch Vocals 2”, by Soundbox, I expected it to be more useful. I expected the snippets of audio to be on beat; especially with all the push-of-a-button, instant “Glitch” or “Studder” plug-ins.


If the purpose was to end the sample at 1.4.4 and end the other sample at 2.1.4, then cool, I got it, but then they should have still started the attack of the waveform at 1.4.3 and end at 1.4.4 and start the other waveform at 2.1.3 and end at 2.1.4.

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I know its supposed to be “Glitch”, and “normal” rules may not apply, but who puts a sample a dotted or triplet 32nd note before a quarter note? It doesnt sound like a “swing”, it sounds like some dude just got back from Jazz camp and was too eager to fall “in the pocket” and got caught faking the funk.


Don't get me wrong. The sound quality of these samples is superb. It's just some of the samples sounded like they were just ran through presets off of Sugar Bytes “Effectrix”, or DBlue “Glitch”, and didn't bother to look to see if the end result was on beat. I wouldn't try to use them as a hook, or catchy phrase (I found this out when I was looping them and my girl yells “G_d what's that awful noise”). These samples however, are great to be used as fills, if you feel like “warping”, or “time correcting” them in a DAW, but I'd rather spend that time trying to whoop Soda Popinski ass, in “Mike Tyson's Punch-Out”.

This review was based on only ten samples, that were in the demo. I cant say anything about the rest of the sample pack.

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