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I Stalked Ryan Hemsworth For 24 Hours At SXSW

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I Stalked Ryan Hemsworth For 24 Hours At SXSW

It’s hard to say where the love affair began. Was it a few weeks prior to SXSW when I tediously contacted his people, or was it over the summer at HARD when I missed his early afternoon performance by a hair? Regardless, I had been in touch with team Ryan Hemsworth leading into the festival, but nothing was ever confirmed. Little did we know, the first night in Austin, the stars would align.

WED. | MAR. 12, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 18:30

Roaming the familiar Rainey St. district, I perused the lineup posted outside Lustre Pearl. It was pretty stacked, including a few must-see artists. Right then and there, the decision was made to check out the Soundcloud party later that night.

THURS. | MAR. 13, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 00:30

Following a ridiculous performance by Tourist, Ryan Hemsworth took the stage with his signature blend of hip hop, R&B crunkyness. He had the place bumpin’ -- it was a total riot.

THURS. | MAR. 13, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 01:45

After his show, as he made his way through the intimate backyard crowd, it just so happened that he walked passed me. Naturally, I stole his ear for a moment, telling him I’d been trying to get in touch…

He said he wanted to keep his schedule light, with all the heavy drinking he planned to do. No worries there, sounded like game plan!

THURS. | MAR. 13, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 04:00

As soon as I got home that evening I contacted his people with an email documenting how Ryan insisted I make it to the uber-exclusive NYLON party the following day!

THURS. | MAR. 13, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 18:00

I taxied deep into the west side, cutting the line The Loft at Malverde had wrapped around the block. Supreme Cuts was spinning and Ryan would take the decks just moments later. Luckily, I saw him making his way through the crowd once more and we got down to business right there.

With that we parted ways and I bee-lined for a pedicab to make my next show. That’s where our story should have ended. But wait, there’s more.

FRI. | MAR. 14, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 00:45

Later that night - after a most-epic day! I headed to the Mad Decent party at Empire Garage & Control Room to catch a down-and-dirty set by the one and only, Cashmere Cat. Things were starting to get real, the energy was raw, and an elite crew had formed on stage to bump and grind.

Uh-oh! Who do I spot?

Two seconds later, I finagle my way past security, who grants me access to snap some pics with an explicit warning not to get on stage. No problem, although I agree knowing full well, the only place I intend to go -- is on stage.

I tap Ryan on the shoulder and give him an, it’s me again!, as we dance our asses off to the grimy tunes Cashmere’s spinning 15 feet away. He grabs the camera from around my neck and starts to snap some pics as we shake our good foot, and who rears his ugly head? The security guard.

But I gotta get mine, so I gently told the security guard to wait a moment while I said hello to a few VIPs. I introduced myself to LIZ, who I’d be interviewing the following day, shared a few more choice dance moves with my one and only, and was promptly escorted off stage.

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Peeved at the clueless security guard’s rankless move, I give him an earful, derisively asking if he knows who I was talking to. Obviously he doesn’t -- and I leave it at that.

By far one of my favorite sets from SXSW14, Cashmere Cat continues to blow it out of the water with never-before-heard remixes of Disclosure’s “Latch” and “Wannabe” by Spice Girls. Queue the Instagram vid below:



Ryan Hemsworth


FRI. | MAR. 14, 2014 | AUSTIN, TX | APPROX. TIME: 2:15

After the show, I sweet talk my way backstage to grab a couple minutes with Cashmere Cat. Unfortunately, he’s already bounced. But guess who’s chillin’? You got it: my Canadian prince.

At this point, it’s obvious I’m stalking him, so I apologize for my borderline creepy behavior; some things are just meant to be …

P.S. I’ll see you at Lightning in a Bottle, bay-bee!

You too, Cashy! =^.^= <333

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