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Kaskade Compares Mysteryland To Woodstock- "Our Time Is Now"

Kaskade Compares Mysteryland To Woodstock- "Our Time Is Now"

Recently, Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) took to his independent blogging account via Tumblr, to address the upcoming Mysteryland USA festival, which is scheduled to take place on the famous Woodstock Festival grounds of 1969 in Bethel Woods, New York. In case you've been living under a rock for the last 45 years, Woodstock was the iconic rock festival showcasing the talents of Rock, Folk and Pop-Rock artists over 3 Days of Peace & Music. It was considered a 'hippie breeding ground' in 1969, and not much has changed since. Woodstock has been described as one the most pivotal moments in popular music history, the nexus for the counterculture generation of the 1960's, and a pathway for generations to follow.

"The parallels between where we are now and what was happening back in the late 60’s can’t be ignored. At a time when the fusion of technology and artistry are absorbed into our everyday lives, it’s stupefying that comments still exist from people like The Arcade Fire, who should actually know better (“Shout out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival,”) And an entire article could be written on the irony – or is it just plain stupidity – of the video Rolling Stone embarrassingly made called “Rocker vs. DJ” with the choice quote: “[DJ’s are] low quality mp3 pushers. Third-class whores ready to give it away to the first bidder. No audience will ever chant your name, or know your songs by heart, because you are anonymity.”

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When a reporter inquired about Kaskade's personal feelings towards headlining a show on the original Woodstock ground, it sparked a fire within him and resulted in a public journal. Raddon discusses his views regarding the connection between Woodstock & current EDM Culture, the new generation of counterculture to be discovered at Mysteryland USA, and a comparison of Moral Authorities.

"There was a cultural shift with the original Woodstock. People figured out that Janis Joplin was more than a singer. Santana is more than a guitarist. There’s more to Electronic Music than guys pressing play on their iPods, repetitive beats and ravers wearing fuzzy boots. This is the right moment and the proper real estate to bring this truth to the forefront. I look forward to being part of this new history and bringing my sound along for the ride. Our time is now."

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