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Kaskade Versus deadmau5 - DJ March Madness - Finals

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3. Kaskade V. 4. deadmau5 - DJ March Madness Championship Match

So while the rest of the country has been going basketball crazy with the NCAA Tournament this past month, we've been doing our own competition, matching up our favorite DJs in EDM culture.

And after some major upsets, heartbreaks, and victories it's come down to this-
3. Kaskade vs. 4. deadmau5.   Some are calling this the ultimate showdown of good versus evil.  Who's will win?  It's up to you!  Vote!  The polls close at midnight tonight, and we will find out the winner.

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Download "I Remember" On iTunes.

Image Credit: Kaskade - Rukes, deadmau5- Unknown.

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