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Lady Faith Releases New Music 'Disko Nites' on Hard Dance Nation - File Under Hardstyle

Coming in strong with her first power release of the year, Lady Faith gives you Disko Nites, releasing April 22nd on Hard Dance Nation Records. Keeping true to her style, Disko Nites is a promising track driven by classic reverse basslines, an in-your-face melody and attractive vocals. The track is lined with a certain dark & sexy vibrancy, so unique only the Queen of Hardstyle could execute it properly. Produced with versatility, Disko Nites can be streamed as a personal party track in the comfort of your headphones, or be the soundtrack to the ever-growing energy of a weekend dancefloor.

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Listen to the Preview on Hard Dance Nation!

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Lady Faith is Coming For You...
Atlanta - Kingdom Rave - Fri 4/18
San Diego - Somewhere Loud - Thu 4/24
Fresno - Emerald Dream Festival - 4/25
Edmonton - Bassarena - 5/14

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