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Magnetic Mag’s Podcast - Coachella Warm Up Mix - EDM Download

Magnetic Mag’s Podcast - Coachella Warm Up Mix - EDM Download

Well here we are. Miami is behind us and Coachella and the rest of the Summer festivals are in front of us. This mix is the perfect blend of funky, silky and deep grooves to warm yourself up for the craziness that is Coachella Weekend(s). It gets so crazy that we have to make a come down mix right after to calm everyone down. So if you are lucky enough to get out to Indio next week here is a mix to set the tone, if you are not lucky enough… well it should still do the trick for something. Hope you dig it.

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Coachella Warm Up Mix - (Mixed by David Ireland)

Track / Artist
1, B2) Magic (Golf Clap Remix), Prunk,
2, Summerama (Original Mix), Luca Donzelli,
3, Take your love (Original Mix), Omer Grinker
4, Nele (Original Mix), Kotelett & Zadak
5, Flowers On The Wall (Original Mix), Leo
6, Make Me Wait (Original Mix), Jonny Cade
7, All The Way Thru (Andre Crom & Chi Thanh Remix), JD Samson & MEN
8, Inside Of Me (Original Mix), Arun Verone
9, Staunch Hearts (Original Mix), Mikael Delta
10, A1) Make U Crazy (Original Mix), Prunk
11, Borrowed Places (Original Mix), Luis Leon
12, Freak (Original Mix), Horsey Brothers
13, Brighton Beach (Original Mix), Mat.Joe
14, I Feel So Good (Original Mix), Omer Grinker

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