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Magnetic's Spring 2014 Music Festival Fashion Guide

Magnetic's Spring 2014 Music Festival Fashion Guide

No, that’s not a mirage..

As the enticing nip slip of summer approaches around the bend you can bet that seasonal music festivals and the epic fashions that follow are on the top of everyone’s mind. Tis truly the season to shed off the cumbersome garb of winter, raise our exposed limbs to the sky and exalt the sun gods in our most stunning displays of midsummer style. And it’s apparent from the range of technicolor carnage, fresh patterns and mixed media inspirations seen in this Festival Fashion Guide that the look of this summer’s solar worship is anything but minimal. Loud colors flush with bohemian ease, street wear inspired swagger and bold and bright patterns intertwine in a web of style that demands to be noticed and heard.

We tapped a handful of L.A based designers and brands that inspired us, outfitted some of our model friends in their latest gear and put So-Cal kids DESCRIBE THE FAUNA behind the lens. With the help of stylist and designer, Danielle Santos along with hair genius Frankie Meyerhoffer and myself making faces, we put together a shoot we feel truly captures the essence of this year’s look and feel. Festival season we salute you!

Magnetic's Spring 2014 Music Festival Fashion Guide


It’s can be a jungle out there in the field. To protect your toes from the sometimes nasty elements of the fairgrounds (broken beer bottles, mud, other nasty thangs , etc) we recommend wearing closed toes kicks. Comfort is key and won’t damper your dance moves. Some looks we were feeling were  sneakers like these from HUF & The Hundreds. For ladies (or lads) looking  for some height , YRU has platforms that are cute as hell and you can seriously run a marathon in them.

Magnetic's Spring 2014 Music Festival Fashion Guide



The whole “less is more” mantra your momma taught ya has been thrown out the window with futuristic meets tribal chic statement pieces. And although my girl Audrey Hepburn may have told us to take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the house—I’m telling ya' to put on like 5 more. Or just wear a head piece like this one  made by Serpent and Stag and be one bad goddess bish.

Magnetic's Spring 2014 Music Festival Fashion Guide


When someone asks you for the time while chasing that next DJs set, it’s way more dapper to glance down at a sick watch than fish around in your trousers for your dead iphone. MSTR makes modern men’s watches that are both sexy and durable. They even make waterproof styles available for the wet and reckless party goer.



The mighty Wu Tang preaches to protect ya neck, but your eyeballs are pretty darn important too. Donning a pair of slick new shades will keep you looking cool while preserving those peepers from the relentless festival sun. Whether your sunglass vibe is subdued and basic or you want to be turning heads in some ultra fresh stunner shades these styles from The Hundreds and ROCKEMEYEWEAR will get the job done.

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If you’re feeling the artist you’re watching, or simply just feeling yourself, at some point you’ll want to throw your hands up and not be restricted by a bulky bag. Over the shoulder totes, fanny packs, holsters (like my fave pictured by Serpent & Stag) or any hands-free options are strongly suggested to up your “no hassle” chill factor.



You may feel like you’re melting and have a sudden urge to take it all off when you arrive mid day, but be prepared for extreme cold at night. Thin layers you can wear as a turban, head wrap or around the waist will save your ass when the temp drops it like it’s NOT hot. Goldnbones makes trippy leggings and bathing suits to make any fit more than a little psychedelic. Fringe adds flair and motion. Pair that with some Stevie Nicks-esque silhouettes and you’ll be nothing less than on point. The Neck Down has an array of to-die-for vintage looks for men and women like some of the ones we swooped on here. To make a big impact wearing little clothing Jacques Smith’s line literally “can’t keep eyes off our chests” with a kooky, cool and modern twist on embroidery.


Jerseys, snapbacks and all things athletic seem to blend effortlessly into the artsy feel of the other pieces we’re seeing. Dudes this summer can cop a sleeveless jersey for that Varisty fresh appeal.  Ladies can pair a sporty top with a super feminine print to be the ultimate T.I.L.F. (tomboy I’d like to fuck). Both dudes and chicks can top the look off with a lid that screams ,”hello world!” MUSA apparel and Datum have a selection of rad hats to that end and Dimepiece and the Hundreds come through with a range of bucket hats that are definitely on our bucket list for have-to-have looks.



Everyone knows that a big smile along with an air of self confidence are the sexiest accessory year round. So bust a move, take a ride and remember fashion is supposed to be fun. Master those tips and you’ll be FRESH til DEATH.


For more information on the above brands, please visit their websites:

HUF -  www.
The Hundreds - www.
Dimepiece -
Goldnbones -
Serpent + Stag -
Jacques Smith -
The Neck Down -
Datum -
Musa Apparel -
MSTR Watches -
Danielle Santos designs - www.

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