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MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs- We Break Them Down For You

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EDM DJ/producer MAKJ took to Facebook over the weekend and gave us his 'Top 5 DJs'.  We've decided to break the list down just a little bit more to highlight each mixes and productions.  With the exception of TJR,  these DJs might not have as much shine as those on the main stage of EDM culture, but they are all equally talented.


All of the DJ's below are able to play a wide assortment of genres and switch them up without the crowd really noticing. You could be grooving to the latest Lorde track, singing to Prince or MJ, rapping along with Hov, and before you know it bouncing along to the latest electro house banger, never missing a beat.

Check them out-

1. TJR

MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs; We Break Them Down For You

If you're into EDM, you probably already know about this cat. He's gone from Pitbull's DJ/Producer to one of the most in demand talents. Listen to how the king of bounce nation brought it at this year's Ultra-

2. Vice

MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs; We Break Them Down For You
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When it comes to clubs, Vice holds it down. He's one of those rare DJ's can throw hip hop, rock, EDM and pop all together seamlessly. He held down LA's Power 106 radio station for several years and is one of the original members of the SKAM roster. Still don't know how good Vice is? Imagine your favorite DJ - Vice Is better.

3. DJ Spider

DJ Spider emerged from the underground hip hop scene in a big way when he won the Rockstar Energy Drink "Next On The Decks" contest. Since then, he's taken on the club world by storm, holding down residencies at the best venues nationwide. Dude just brings it- Check out his mix from last year's Do-Over.

MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs; We Break Them Down For You

4. DJ Politik

TAO in Las Vegas. LIV In Miami. Marquee In New York. Politik is an example of emerging talent that has been killing it way longer some of the bigger names in EDM. Name a club genre- he can play it, and play it well. He's recently been upping his production game, dropping this remix of Bastille's "Pompeii" last month-

MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs; We Break Them Down For You

5. Gigamesh

MAKJ Shares His Top 5 DJs; We Break Them Down For You

Gigamesh has that funky modern groove on lock. He plays just the right mix of current tastemaking hits, 80s retro, and nu-disco fire to make him one of the best things to come out of Minneapolis since Prince. He's gained some major cred for his bootleg remixes of Michael Jackson, New Order, Foster The People, The Clash, Stardust and many more. Check out his remix of Donna Summer and now you see-

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