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New Electronic Music Album Review: "Louder" The First Studio Album By Hardstyle Artist The Prophet

"The creative process has been a wild ride on the most insane roller coaster: I was touched, challenged, shaken and flipped upside down at times. Not knowing which side was up or down, day or night. All in all a cathartic experience." The Prophet

Ready Friends? Here we Go...

Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Euphoric, Melodic and Hard Trance are just a few of the elements you will find throughout Louder, the debut album from hard dance legend, The Prophet. Frequently known as the "Godfather of Hardstyle," The Prophet has been at this for over 25 years, continuously pushing the envelope and setting the standard of his preferred genre. You won't find any boundaries in this album, nor will you be able to anticipate what each track entails. Expect the unexpected and push away everything you thought you know about hard dance. Why? Because The Prophet just proved you wrong.

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Louder is a complete compilation of hard dance, a buffet of sub-genres and a rainbow of variety. Keeping true to his sound, the album is chock-full of screeching elements, reverse basslines, intense kick-drums and uplifting hooks. But what happens next? You'll never know. It's a roller coaster of sounds, and we don't want to get off the ride. Each track embodies a sea of emotion, birthed from a true passion for the harder styles, and developed with an immense love for the craft of production. The Prophet's fusion of talent & emotion are crystal clear in his debut album, making it an absolute must-have for any lover of hard dance.

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LOUDER is...

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Our favorites? Everything. Not a single track is better than the next. How often can you say that?

Upon the release of his first ever studio album Louder, The Prophet has just set the bar a little bit higher in the hardstyle world. The video release of Louder is a perfect four minute reflection of the album in its entirety.

1. The Prophet - Tracking The Beat
2. The Prophet - H3Y! (2014 Edit)
3. The Prophet - For The Better
4. The Prophet & Noisecontrollers & Leonie Meijer - Make Me Stay
5. The Prophet - Breaks - In The Mix
6. The Prophet - Hoo-Ey
7. The Prophet & The Anarchist - Triple F (Fight For Freedom)
8. The Prophet - One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix)
9. The Prophet & Rob Gee - Evil Rains
10. The Prophet feat Lilly Julian - Echoes
11. The Prophet & Audiotricz - Conquer The World
12. The Prophet - Embrace
13. The Prophet - Breaks - Fakkin Hardstyle
14. The Prophet - LOUDER
15. The Prophet - The Bizz
16. The Prophet - Breaks - High
17. The Prophet & Adaro - I'm The King
18. The Prophet - Breaks - I Come Correct
19. The Prophet - Punk MF (The Masochist feat. MC Axys Remix)
20. The Prophet - Afsluitplaatje

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