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New Electronic Music Chart: Techno Top Ten


We live in a beautiful world, it’s undeniable. Although some places and sounds aren’t always the most beautiful, but lucky for you, we’re going with some great melodic techno this week to remind you just how hot this world of music can be. If you haven’t taken some time lately to appreciate the good times and the positive things the world has to offer, well, go on a drive, take a moment with a sunset, just do you, and let me share my selections for the week!

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1. “Guitar Man” Reset Robot, Truesoul
Reset Robot is soothing tech funk that will take you to heaven and leave you there.

2. “Towers” testpilot/deadmau5, mau5trap
Can’t tell you exactly who this is, but pretty sure it’s the label boss himself deadmau5, as he’s been a bit vocal about his love of all things techno. And buddy, we love your love!

3. “Circus Freaks” DJ Statik, 1605 Music Therapy
A great freaky vibe abounds in this tune. Definitely could see this going along nicely with the trippy drunk elephant scene in Dumbo… Maybe that’s just me… But it’s a damn good time if you think about it.

4. “Nine” Dharma, Origami Sound
So, this tune is described as having the capacity to bring out the rave demon in anyone… And I am all about that. So, I’m not going to say anymore, have fun with your rave demon!

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5. “Shaman’s Garden” Willy Real & David Prap, PFL Records
Another melodic beauty in the mix. Embrace its epic quality, and it’ll take you somewhere nice, somewhere great. Well done Willy Real & David Prap, you’ve made a big fan out of me!

6. “Take You Down” Elay Lazutkin
A laidback darker piece of techno that’ll have you feeling all sorts of cool. Seems like a great tune to pair with a night of drinking and dancing… It’s very mellow, but still moving and very much alive. The creepy vocals are quite effective, and a bit disorienting in a good way.

7. “Espinete” Sub Washer, Movon Records
Here’s a masterful minimal success to satiate your classier techno palate. Hypnotic, mechanically robotic, and super chill in a way where all around I’m about it.

8. “Rubix” Maxime Dangles, Herzblut Recordings
Robots can tweak out too people, and it’s no laughing matter! Rather it’s a dancing matter, and Maxime Dangles’ Rubix is a jam that certainly feels like a computer from the future having a super bad trip, and so to interpret this I suggest you dance like a rubix cube… And if you figure that out, well, then you’re clearly doing it right.

9. “Kind Two (Frank Savio Remix)” Nozen, Blacklisted Audio
Strong. This is a very, very strong remix up for you to enjoy. Frank Savio took a good thing and made it so much more! It’s determined, confident, and that break down at the minute fifteen mark will definitely get the club screaming.

10. “Aurelon 10” Vince Watson, Bedrock Records
Here is a remaster of a solid original, Vince Watson reworks a tune to bring it to where he always really wanted it to be, and you should hear a little of what he’s done with it!

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