New Electronic Music Chart - Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week


By: Matthew Meadow

Lots of heavy hitters this week including new electronic music from Fred V & Grafix, Delta Heavy, Nu:Logic, and more. This week is almost evenly split between liquid and dark tunes, so there's a little something here for everyone.

New Electronic Music Chart - Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week

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1. Delta Heavy, Apollo
Straight from their new EP of the same name, Delta Heavy's return is massive to say the least. I honestly don't think anything needs to be said about this one.

2. Xilent, Free Me ft. Charlotte Haining (Smooth Remix)
Smooth absolutely bursts out of the gate with this massive remix of Xilent. Haining's vocals wonderfully complement the bouncy synths and are used to great effect as chopped up vocal samples.

3. Candyland & Zak Waters, Not Coming Down (REVOKE Remix)
I'm more than ecstatic to see something of this caliber on Spinnin' Records after the massive year they've had driving big room into the ground. Revoke absolutely nails this remix with hilariously huge kicks.

4. Aria, Libretto
Aria is completely new to the scene, having just created a Facebook page March 31st (and I'm apparently the first one to like the page). This is the only full track on the SoundCloud page, and it's so utterly unique I had to include it.

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5. Birdy, Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)
For those of you who don't know, Nu:Logic is the collaboration between brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics. This is such a feel good tune. The strings are a wonderful backdrop to the intense bassline and drums; the lyrics are beautiful, as well.

6. Fred V & Grafix, Bladerunner
Another duo from Hospital Records, Fred V & Grafix also dropped a new album this past week. The build-up in this one alone is well worth a listen, as it blends sci-fi soundscapes and modern sound design.

7. The McMash Clan & Kate Mullins, Reqiuem
Circus Records released a compilation album about a week ago and this one stood out by far. The only D&B track in the bunch, as well as being absurdly neuro. I was hoping that their track on the compilation would have been another electroswing one, but I'm certainly not complaining.

8. Merce, Rain City ft. Farisha (Wadefoker Remix)
Wadefoker creates a wonderful atmospheric track that just begs you to turn up that bass. It's as far from a dancefloor slayer as they come, yet this is a track you would want to feel in your bones.

9. DPB, Thinking About
Liquicity Recordings are definitely my go-to when in need of some liquid tunes. This one from DPB is wonderfully bubbly and downright pretty. Plus, that bass goes super deep.

10. daPlaque, GG
Last up is this drumstep banger. Getting really gritty at the very end seems to be a fitting way to go, and daPlaque allows you to get downright filthy. Enjoy this one as a free download!.

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