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New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Drum & Bass


I've discovered that doing these charts requires a great amount of integrity. It has also led to an unfortunate amount of snobbery, but that can be kept in check with a good amount of variation. This week is quite eclectic, with a metal remix, some Japanese vocals, and some very interesting sound design. Big names and little names, I like to have a good mix so that 1) you all don't get bored, and 2) so that you all might discover some new electronic music talent as I do every single week.

1. Billain, Colossus
This track starts off our chart because it also has the best intro out of all the tracks this week. Slow and steady, it builds up suspense and energy purposefully. The drop, on the other hand, comes like a bat out of hell and doesn't let you take a breath.

2. Rob Gasser - I'm Here ft. The Eden Project
The Eden Project has been keeping busy these past couple of weeks, and here we see them team up with Rob Gasser to take us on a new-wave DnB vocal ride. None of the sounds present in the jungle days are present here - the snares and kicks are modified and the lead synth is definitely more bubbly than dark. Regardless, it's still a bomb track at 170 BPM.

3. Bustre, ( I Shake You)< /strong>
I was a big anime junkie when I was in middle/high school, so this remix fills a void in my heart I didn't know I had. JPop is notoriously infectious, despite the lack of understanding American listeners might experience. That infectiousness is easily translated when Bustre gives it a major BPM bump and pumps up the energy. Download it for

4. Datsik, Hold It Down ft. Georgia Murray (Joe Ford Remix)
After releasing a huge new EP in March, Joe Ford keeps the ball rolling with this remix of Datsik's 'Hold It Down.' It's especially bouncy for a DnB tune, setting it apart from a lot of the rest on this list and others. Well produced with a clear vision, it's a great addition to this Top 10.

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5. Alan Parsons Project - I, Robot (ToKSik Remix)
I definitely never thought I'd be hearing about Alan Parsons Project anytime soon, and yet here it is. ToKSik put a nice modern DnB twist on an old classic rock track and hits it out of the park. Grab this one as a free download.

6. Adele, Set Fire To The Rain (The Prototypes Bootleg)
As we wait for them to release their new LP, The Prototypes found some spare time to make a bootleg of this classic Adele track. Bouncy like the Joe Ford remix, but also more grounded. The bassline is what differentiates many DnB tracks since the drums are often extremely similar, and this one does a good job of setting itself apart.

7. Rhythmics, Beacon
I'm glad I found this one in the deep recesses of SoundCloud. Riding the line between DnB and hardcore, this one is all sunshine and smiles. If you don't pop a smile listening to this, you should see a psychiatrist - you might be depressed. You can name your price for the whole EP this track is on, but please support the artist if you can.

8. Jantsen & Dirt Monkey, No Other Sound ft. Clinton Sly (Tucker Kreway Remix)
It seems as if Jantsen & Dirt Monkey's label, Kairos Audio, has developed a mind of its own. One huge release after another and not in sight of slowing down. This newest remix of their latest EP features newcomer Tucker Kreway in an interesting DnB interpretation of 'No Other Sound.' Definitely worth a listen.

9. Duke Dumont, I Got You ft. Jax Jones (Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg)
Ekko & Sidetrack transform a laidback disco/house track and pump up the energy a bit. They keep a lot of the tropical vibe with the tin drums, piano and claps, but that's where the similarities end. The bassline in this version is far more infectious and makes you work a little harder for that great dance rhythm.

10. Gomad! & Monster, Rotten (Dub Elements Remix)
And now we do a massive 180 degree turn and pump this remix of a heavy metal track, courtesy of Dub Elements. Huge energy and metal vocals make up the brunt of this track and I imagine hearing this live would make you lose your shit.

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