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New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week

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Hey there! Long time, no talk. I'm back to atone for my absence with some amazing dubstep tracks. We have a lot to cover this week, with some solid remixes and original cuts.  Let's get on it, shall we?

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Slum Village - "Fall in Love (Moody Good Remix)"
While it is very saddening that the Moody Good album is being pushed back, Eddie is a gracious host. I don't know if I've ever been as excited for an album as I am for this one. 16bit pushed the boundaries of the box often, but Moody Good absolutely demolishes them. Look no further than this crazy remix of a classic.

SeaNOte, "Blu/Sno"
I liked this release so much, I included both songs. I love melodic dubstep, but I think there's an overabundance of SENSUAL FEMALE VOCALS>>BUILDUP>>GURGLE BASS tracks. More often than not, a track that is tender and reserved can be more beautiful, and that's the case here. Both of these tracks are amazing.

DyAD & LifeSines, "Polo"
The phrase, "one for the heads who remember" comes to mind when I hear this tune. I love that it is a mix of what was, what is, and what will be, all in one tune. Excellent work here.

Torqux, "No Way Back"
I am such a huge fan of tracks with, you know, bass. This tune has both brawn and brain, as well as a killer rhythmic structure. It goes without saying that the drop of this song is like a kick in the chest, but you should expect as much from Torqux.

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Gianni Blu, "Where Did You Go" "
Merely saying that this is one of the most unique tracks I have ever heard doesn't do this track justice. In fact, I'm not sure everything I say can. This is seriously an incredibly powerful and unique song. Give it a listen.

Ramzoid, "Mechanism"
I was a fan of Current Value and others back in the day, so I'm a huge fan of the GIANT HOLLOW SNARE sound. It takes an experienced producer to hit that sound right, and Ramzoid does so in this haunting neuro track. The tempo change is absolutely brilliant as well. This Ramzoid character knows what they're doing.

Numback, "Snowdrop (Sqz Me Remix)"
As a survivor of this year's SNOWPACALYPSE, it's hard for me to think of snow and think of anything other than burning hatred. However, this deep track by Sqz Me makes me think of snow in a nostalgic, sepia kind of way. This is an amazing track.

Bro Safari & UFO! ft. Anna Yvette, "Chimbre (MUST DIE! Remix)"
Stop me if you've heard this one before: a MUST DIE! track that is incredibly unique and perfectly produced and mixed down. Even if you don't like the heavier side of dubstep, you have to admire that he produces an insane amount of high-quality tracks on a consistent basis.

Daktyl, "Do Without (Maxx Baer Remix)"
This song is PURPLE, and I love it. The usage of organic drums in this banger fit so well with the soaring leads. This track is a night cruise in the city, in song form.

Mighty Boogie, "Sonic Experience"
Mighty Boogie doesn't take any time to rest on this song, slowly building the complexity by the minute. The rhythmic elements in this song are terrific, as are the dub elements and the restrained, yet heavy basses.

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