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New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week

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Top 10 Dubstep

I don't have anything particularly clever to say this week, but what I do have are 10 very great dubstep tracks that I think you should listen to. While the tracks I post every week are pretty amazing, this week has some early contenders for best songs of the year. Give them a listen.

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Minnesota - "Voyager"
I have enjoyed every single song that Minnesota has put out. From the heavy purple hits to the lighter, euphoric tracks, I honestly don't think he has a mediocre song in his collection. This new preview from his upcoming release shows that he is continuing to get better and better.

MING & Mister Black - "Drop Out (Kick The Habit)"
I really love this track. This is a heavy track, with a great hook and a constant rhythm. Where most dubstep songs turn into a blender of bass patches, Kick The Habit bring a restrained complexity that doesn't take away from the strong elements of the song. Well done.

Killabyte, "Missing Pieces"
Delicate restraint is what makes great lovestep tracks stand out, and this is why Killabyte is one of the best. While there is a lot of intensity to this song, it never has to resort to cheap vocals and way too loud basslines to play your heartstrings. This is how you make a great track.

MUST DIE! & AFK, "Clankers Cavern (Condukta Remix)"
Oh hey! A young producer who actually has talent instead of just having well funded marketing! This song is a crazy mix of styles and rhythms, and the end result is that your head will be nodding. I'm sure you'll see Condukta in this space again.

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Jacoo, "In The Shadows... looking For A Light"
I think ethereal is the best word to use here. Ignore my ramblings and go listen to this beautiful track right now.

Red Cheeks, "Go For A Ride"
Every now and again, you need to listen to a great dubstep track that doesn't have a 45 minute buildup. It doesn't hurt to also hear one with an actual filthy bassline. This is an intense stepper and, honestly, I could listen to the drums and percussion all by themselves. That's how you know this track is serious.

Dubba Jonny, "The Nights Are Worst"
This marks the first time I have ever heard garage and neuro mixed so perfectly together. The usual hazy atmosphere of a garage track is present, but so too is the dark, foreboding neuro style which comes out in a big way later in the song. This is an incredibly unique track.

Diamond Eyes, "Nightlife"
I'm not gonna lie, this song could literally drop into 20 minutes of static and I would still love it because of that intro. Of course, it drops into a crazy heavy section, so that makes it so much better. An amazing first release.

Dr. Ozi, "Victimless Crime"
AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY this song has the heaviness and great melodic structure that you were looking for. I will definitely be keeping tabs on these two, as should you.

Mr. Fox, "Quarantine feat. Conscious Route"
I am so happy that there are producers out there keeping the grime sound alive. Bonus to Mr. Fox for taking that sound and blasting it into the future with this absolutely mental track.

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