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New Electronic Music Compilation: "Love Me Too" Compilation Out Now Via Plant Music

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New Electronic Music Compilation: "Love Me Too" Compilation Out Now Via Plant Music

While New York is being saturated with minimal Techno, Plant Music sticks with the roots of New York’s underground in their latest compilation, “Love Me Too”. Featuring a combination of established and rising artists from New York, Los Angeles & Canada, it is filled with the deep and soulful sounds of Disco, House, Synth Pop and Indie Dance. The tracks are well produced, dancefloor friendly, and incorporate quality vocals without being cheesy or pretentious.

The comp begin’s with Ian Pooley’s Deep House ballad of sorts with hypnotic melodies and the crooning of Iceland’s Hogni Egilsson. Rising artist Allies For Everyone, who seems to be making the rounds on the club circuit in New York, follows up with his haunting “Record is Over”. A combination of soft acid synths and his own pop lyricism, it will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

LA’s Sonns, combines a downtempo punk funk sensibility with the indie vocals of Denmark’s Red Baron for “On My Mind”. A smooth groove indeed. I hear the soon to be released video will be stellar.

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Whatever/Whatever, comprised of the legendary Justin Strauss and Bran Mette, pick up the pace with a spacey burner called “Ladyfingers” that ratchets up halfway through for a track that is anything but whatever.

Justin Strauss steps into the ring with his other production partner Eddie Mars, the duo is better known as a/just/ted, to remix newcomer Stone Float’s “Repeat”. The original track is a genre defying bender of rock, post punk and psychadelic romantic goodness which is hard to imagine as a dance track. Leave it to Justin and Eddie to make a dark charger.

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NR&, a collaboration between New York vocalist Nomi Ruiz of Hercules & Love Affair, Jessica 6, Keine Musik, and Plant remixer Rampa, are responsible for “Broken Toy”. Plant says it best when the refer to the track as a “slinky after-hours dream”. Yes please.

Stirring the pot, Canada’s EZLV teamed up with vocalist George Azzi for “Control”. Epic synth chords, a big four-on-the-floor, and Azzi’s heartfelt vocals make your heart pump.

Label founder Dominique Keegan, aka All Dom Wrong, throws his hat into the ring with a bouncey body track called “Give Myself Away” featuring the incendiary vocals of Boston’s Amy Douglas. H-O-T. Rolling it back, Eddie Mars, remixes fledgling New York producer Beto Cravioto’s “No Social Culture” into a Nu Disco gem.

Stimming remixes Ian Pooley’s “Kid’s Play” into a whimsical House track with hypnotic vocal chops and a sensual guitar loop. The co-founder of the Dog & Pony show, Paul Raffaele pays homage to the sounds of classic House from a contemporary perspective with a pretty “Rose”.

Last, but certainly not least, resident New York DJ and producer Son of Sound rounds out this compilation with a solid floor filler lovingly titled “Floor’s Yours”. From the thick basslines to the sexy vocal clips, it’s obvious Mr. Maldonado has done his homework.

If this wasn’t enough, The Beatport exclusive of the release includes a bonus track by heavy hitter Eli Escobar. The knobs go to 11 in his relentless New York House banger, “Let Me Love You”.

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