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New Electronic Music EP: Ripatti & Twwth "Ripatti04"

New Electronic Music EP: Ripatti & Twwth - "Ripatti04"

It is with great delight that I step out of my ‘reviewing retirement’ to write about RIPATTI04, the latest from Sasu Ripatti (Valdislav Delay) and Finnish brethren Twwth, (formerly ‘Teeth’, head of Signal Life).  The two track EP is some of the heaviest vibe in recent memory: subby throbbing tempered by aggressive, stuttering samples and skittering high hats.

Available April 28, 2014, the two tracks are cohesive yet unique, complementary yet easily able to stand alone as mini-opuses of some future music genre that defies definition or title.

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Full body music, complex and deeply hypnotic, the garage-influenced ‘#52’ and ‘#3’ both tell full stories over their seven-plus minute lengths.  Beyond dj tools, these tracks tap a certain moody sweet spot in the brain of the listener- D-n-B minus schizophrenia, double-time trap, Chicago Footwork for the clinically depressed.  Unlike anything I’ve heard before and definitely worth a listen (full volume, on repeat).

Vinyl Only.

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