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New Electronic Music: Pyramyth's Pharaoh EP- File Under 'Dubstep'

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By: Matthew Meadow

New Electronic Music: Pyramyth's Pharaoh EP- File Under 'Dubstep'

For whoever says dubstep is dead (and it seems to be said quite often) there are plenty of reasons why you're wrong. You may think you're right, within your narrowly defined concept of the genre, but there are a multitude of producers who are pushing the genre forward. One of them happens to be Mexican producer Pyramyth from DUSTLA Records.

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Featuring most genres you could want, Pyramyth's new EP Pharaoh shows us why dubstep grew just as fast as it did. Huge, stabbing lead synths; big, impactful kicks; and a healthy dose of bass all driving at 140 BPM. Throw in a little glitch hop and hip hop and my friend, you've got yourself an anthem.

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The opening track 'The Pharaoh' opens up with some great 8-bit synth melody and carries on as a massive glitch hop tune. The second track, and my favorite, on the EP 'Gravity Gun' makes us of huge laser-stab synths and a fantastic backing melody. Half glitch, half dubstep, it's the perfect concoction to make you get up and move. 'Taco Bass' has some hilariously effective horn work and is pure dubstep. Finally, 'Miami Borderline Syndrome' takes Pyramyth outside of his own box as he takes on a more heavily hip hop influenced tune.

The Pharaoh EP from Pyramyth drops today. You can download it on iTunes.

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