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New Electronic Music: Techno Top 10 Chart


“[Techno] wasn’t designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futurist statement.” - Jeff Mills. So, let that marinate for a second, agree with it, don’t agree with it, just do you. But, what we all can agree on, this techno thing, it’s a hell of a thing, isn’t it? This week, we’re getting back into the mix of things after that small little festival in the desert that shall remain nameless. Festivals may come and go, but thank god good music stays forever… Doubly so for good techno!  Here is your techno top 10 for the week:

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1. “Machine Code” Audiojack, Gruuv

With some heavies like Eats Everything, Maya Jane Coles, Joris Voorn, Huxley and Tensnake singing this song's praises, you don’t need me to tell you give it a listen… So, I’ll shut up and you press play.

2. “Do You Feel The Same? (Deetron Instrumental Remix)” Hercules & Love Affair, Moshi Moshi

Deetron, what have you done? You’ve taken a beautiful thing and you’ve twisted it, you’ve warped it, I guess you’ve successfully remixed it. You’ve made it yours, and by god thanks for that. This song is all sorts of cool and evolves so naturally, moving like smoke in one ear and out through your dance moves.

3. “Lydia” Dauwd, Kompakt

This song is wonderfully cinematic. There’s a definite narrative playing out, and I feel it’s quite the epic romance in a futuristic tragic landscape… Dare I say blade runner-esque?

4. “Noise” dubspeeka, Truesoul

Strength is definitely one adjective I’d use to describe this tune. It’s powerful, gritty, and not concerned with leaving any party pretty. Consider this a perfect tune for an aggressive dance off at an industrial warehouse rave. It’s not for the faint of heart or weak of dance moves.

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5. “Check This Out” The Junkies, Intec Digital

This song sounds a bit like an anxious alien’s nightmare. It a little unsettling, but not in a bad way, an excellent way in fact that entices and intrigues.

6. “Bulldozer (Black Asteroid Remix)” Jay Zoney, Eternal Drive Recordings

Black Asteroid is on fire in 2014, and he imprints his distinct sound on this great tune by Jay Zoney. There’s a coolness about it, very calm and collected, with some pleasing surprises along.

7. “Peafowling” Cari Lekebusch, H-Productions

A pulsing and surging energy moving out through the speakers, and nothing but good vibes infecting all the beautiful people at a very, very hip club. Just picture that with this song, and I think that’ll entertain you for a little while.

8. “I.D.” Shadow Movement, D.O.C.

Kavinsky-esque in its execution, this song uses its melodies to great effect. The progression of energy and the elements all distinctly contributing to a frenzied but beautiful piece of techno.

9. “Pure Cane Sugar” Gary Beck, BEK Audio

Fun and moving you forward, this tune gets loud in the right ways. Very diverse and unique, and the background vocal is used to great effect. I appreciate the echoing quality to it, that adds a certain distance and depth the strengths the song overall.

10. “How You Say (Bookworms Remix)” Factory Floor, DFA

A great remix of a song by a personal favorite of mine, this song has meat on its bones, and it’ll carry you through the night to great times. Oh, and I had to give it up to Factory Floor who did some great work out there in Coachella.

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