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New Electronic Music Weekly Chart: Techno Top Ten


This week it seems we’ve got quite a lot of &’s in the mix, and so I’m going to dub this week’s top techno chart, the collaborative partnerships of dynamic duos of techno week! It’s always a beautiful thing when creative worlds collide, and some would say, you need a good friend or other to bring out the best in you. So I hope you’re ready for plenty of fun in the sun, I know I am all sorts of ready to get after it in Coachella, so let this playlist inspire you this week and help you find your own beautiful collaborator of sorts...

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1. “Shake It” Green Velvet & Harvard Bass, Cajua Recordsl
Green Velvet & Harvard Bass… These two know techno, and this song is special. It’s got a great party vibe, and it’s not surprising that these maestros effortlessly made it to the top of the list.

2. “Free Floating (Matt Walsh Remix)” Daniel Avery, Phantasy
Matt Walsh’s remix of Daniel Avery’s tune here is refreshing and relaxing. It’s the sort of techno that gives your soul a backrub, and sends you out on the dancefloor smiling.

3. “Blame” Axel Karakasis, Remain Records
The rhythm here has been described as hauntingly catchy, and I’m not going to dispute it, I’m going to encourage it. This tune plays it cool, and before you know it, it’s got your full attention.

4. “High Roller (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix)” Urig & Dice, Human Garden
This song is one that you should blast as loud as possible. It’s diverse in its volume, and intentionally so for great effect, and the energy is absolutely top notch. What a remix!

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5. “Absolute 2014 (Pig & Dan Remix)” Paride Saraceni & Dema, Redrum Music
Pig & Dan seem to be running the techno game nowadays, and their remix right here shows that their techno business is a booming! It’s a cacophonic waterfall just cascading sonic poetry that will lift your soul!

6. “Kontrust” Roy RosenfelD, Trapez
My personal mantra has always been dark dancefloors are the best thing one could ever hope for. This tune right here certainly embodies that mantra, it’s all sorts of fun, fused with all sorts of dark and sinister sounds...

7. “Along Came The Spider” Gene Farris, Cajual Records
Cajual Records clearly has won this chart this week… And I couldn’t exclude this great little number! It’s got that Cajual sound, but even more, it’s diversity leads you on an adventure. Be sure to watch out for the spiders… they might bite really hard.

8. “Heartbreakers Techno” Art Department, No. 19 Music
In honor of their double weekend trip to the desert destination that is Indio California, we had to toss this latest release from Art Department on the list. This song certainly has a little bit of tragic romance to it, but you’re sure to find another love if you just keep moving to this baby when they drop it in the Yuma tent! Oh and forgive us, this might be a bit deeper than you’re used to, but we couldn’t help ourselves, it felt right!

9. “Zick” Weichold & Namito, Systematic Recordings
If computers and machines could party, if they could rage and go all out, I have a feeling they’d be really into this techno. I’ll say no more, just let it blast, and let it take you away to a mechanical place!

10. “L.O.V.E” Sonic Future, Suara
Certainly this appears to be a summer anthem in the making… The chanting of the title is quite tight, and I really love how it helps gives the whole piece a coherent focus. Definitely will catch yourself mouthing the chant if you listen to it long enough, and god bless that!

Check out the full chart on Soundcloud!

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