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New Electronic Music Weekly Chart: Techno Top Ten


Really there’s nothing better to me than the change of the seasons from the cold to the great fun when the world comes alive again in this very special season that’s just begun. Spring is here! We’ve made it through the winter, and now the festivals and fun all begin to rush in weekend to weekend! So, I hope you had a great time streaming Ultra, but now it’s my turn to entertain your ears with the latest and greatest in top techno selections this week.

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1. “Black Ice (Deetron Re-Edit)” Basic Soul Unit, Midnight Shift
With a great retro, almost 80’s kavinsky-esque vibe, Deetron makes a song that is simply beautiful. This song is magical and electric, and it’ll take your imagination to a very special place.

2. “Friend of All That Lives” Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda, Traum
Guaranteed to put a nice sway in your step, this tune takes you and gets your entire body moving. This track has a huge sound, yet there is also this elegance and subtlety that abounds, giving it a gentle whimsical quality that’s sure to bring a nice little smile to your face.

3. “Retox (Terminal M)” GTMK, Terminal M
A fun little nightmare sums this baby up. It won’t scare you to death, but it’ll take you on a dark dancefloor adventure that only the brave and worthy are up for.

4. “Raven” Jon Rundell, Intec Digital
Ruthless, powerful, determined, and just plain damn good techno, that’s what Jon Rundell’s latest release on Intec Digital is. I think I could listen to this song non-stop for 24 hours and not get bored of the dynamic revolving, hypnotic nature of the composition.

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5. “ReRe” Mike Dehnert, Delsin Records
It’s cool, calm and collected. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention this song is absolutely infectious. This tune from tireless techno producer Mike Dehnert is a subtle departure from his chord driven, functional sound, and by god, I love it when an artist evolves!

6. “Medea” Solomun, Diynamic
Solomun needs no introduction to the faithful, but to those either not in the know, or trying to get in the know… well then you’re in for a treat. The father of the Diynamic label is back with a great new release, and just in time for his conquest of the Coachellan polo fields!

7. “Full Stop” Light Year, Ghostly International & Spectral Sound
A personal favorite, Light Year gives us a great new EP, Come Together. Full Stop is my favorite song on the EP, it’s sophisticated and forward thinking, this is one producer who is moving forward to something big with every song!

8. “Deus Ex Machina” Dustin Zahn, Drumcode
Dustin Zahn deserves respect, and he deserves a huge thank you for this amazing tune. Doing justice to the concept, Dustin delivers a song full of raw power that is comparable to the greek gods of old, and to the dramatic plot device. Do yourself a favor and grab the entire Monoliths release, it’s over an hours worth of top notch techno.

9. “My Break” Maae, Yin Yang
Warehouse and underground scenes need the perfect sound to make them anything worth doing, after all they are generally and frequently quite illegal. And this song right here certainly would be my ideal pick to be blasting on the speakers to greet me when I walk into the underground party of my dreams.

10. “Limbered” Eric Sneo, Phobiq
This jam here has a life all of its own. It’s a ghost of sorts, and it’ll take you over, but not for anything nefarious, just a damn good time. You better stretch out and be all sorts of limber, because after this tune is done, you’ll certainly be as it’s titled, very very limbered.

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