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New Electronic Music: Zak Waters "Out Of My Head" ft. Codi Caraco

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You most likely have been seeing the name Zak Waters pop up quite a bit in pop and EDM culture lately. He has cuts with Flo Rida, Trey Songz, and Lenno. He also has collaborations in work with Benny Benassi, Feed Me, and Fred Falke in the works. Most recently, he’s been featured as the prominent vocalist on the official anthem for Life In Color with David Solano & Adventure Club & Madeon’s ‘The City’.


Wrapping up a sold-out tour with Betty Who, Zak has blown away audiences across the US & Canada with his intricate live show, which includes a full live band. To say this guy has true talent and versatility is an understatement.

Now we bring you the defining moment in Zak’s career, which is his first completely independent work from start to finish, titled “Out Of My Head” ft. Codi Caraco. The dance-floor ready track that is sure to be stuck in everyone’s head this summer is going to propel Zak into the limelight.  Listen to the track below, you can pre-order it on iTunes here.

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