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New To EDM Culture? Here Are 40 Tips From A Seasoned Veteran

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There are a lot of "tips" and "do's and don'ts" for EDM culture, but the one below (published on reddit  by redditor dropEleven) has got to be the most accurate we can find.

New To EDM Culture? Here Are 40 Tips From A Seasoned Veteran

It comes complete with breakdowns on what progressive house music really is, what gloving means to the scene, and more importantly, what David Guetta means to the scene.

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So if you're just getting into EDM, here are some important tips from a vet.

  • raves used to be better

  • like, you don't even know

  • big room house is terrible

  • no, that's progressive house

  • no, that's progressive trance

  • no, that's electro-house-dark-psy-trance-moobahtron-trap with raggacore cybergrind elements, you fucking idiot

  • your misappropriating that impossibly specific sub genre is physically offensive to me on a cellular level

  • tiesto is a sellout

  • david guetta is a sellout

  • hardwell is a sellout

  • eric prydz is a sell out

  • pryda is a sell out

  • you didn't know they were the same person? (scoffs) okay...

  • afrojack is a sell out

  • hardwell is a sellout

  • nicky romero is a sellout

  • avicci is a sellout

  • martin garrix is literally hitler

  • armin van buuren is okay

  • no, on second thought, fuck that. armin is a sellout

  • you're probably a sell out too

  • everyone is a sellout

  • except deadmau5, who is king of king and i can laugh at all of it because i get all of his inside jokes

  • it's okay for us to dress like this, but look at you, you skanky slut

  • it's better to go to a festival and bitch the whole time about how everyone has ruined it rather than try to find your own space to enjoy yourself

  • trance is dead

  • PLUR is dead

  • god is dead too

  • i wish martin garrix was dead

  • selfies are literally the worst thing you can do

  • in fact, everyone taking pictures is awful. why can't you just enjoy the music the way i enjoy the music?

  • EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: it's not only okay, but somehow encouraged for 90% of the girls to take 17 of the exact same posed and filtered picture and post it to instagram with a needlessly detailed caption and 23 hashtags begging for people to follow her account

  • seriously, all of you taking pictures and being happy makes me so goddamned mad.

  • i don't need drugs to enjoy the music, so i'm better than you

  • even though i'm probably on drugs too

  • like enough to put a rhino in a coma

  • if you haven't been doing this for longer than i have, you just don't get it and you're everything that's wrong with the scene

  • glovers are literally hitler

  • can you imagine if fucking martin garrix gloved?

  • god damn it

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