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Nicky Romero Shares His Thoughts On Ghost Producing In EDM Culture

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Last month, the internets were abuzz with talk that Madeon had called Nicky Romero out for spending money on a ghost producer. Whether or not Madeon was tweeting in direct reference to Romero remains to be seen (the tweet has since been taken down), but regardless, Romero is seen coming out pretty strong against the practice in a recent interview with

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Ghost producing, in its crudest form, is hiring somebody to create a track and then passing it off as your own work. In the interview Romero states:

What I really don't like and what I really don't respect and support is guys that go over email to producers and say, ‘Hey, I wanna have a record and it must sound like this’ and they are not involved at all. There are a lot of DJs that do that...

There are rich dads in this world that just pay for their sons and pay producers tons of money to have music out there and make them a big artist. But an artist is created by creativity and originality and discipline. It is not created by money.”

You can view the entire interview tonight on Fuse News here.

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