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Strong Bad Remixes Daft Punk To Make "Random Access Fhqwhgads" And It Just Works - Don't Ask How

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All too often, people who remix songs in EDM culture over think things. Like that Danger Mouse's whole "I'm going to take Jay Z vocals from the Black Album and mash it up with samples from the Beatles' White Album and call it the Grey Album " idea.  See what I mean?  Way too complicated.

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Whoever did this Strong Bad vs Daft Punk Remix album has the right idea... keep the original intact, just add some Rob Bass & EZ Rock samples and the vocals of a cartoon character in a Mexican wrestler's mask and boom, you got a winner.

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Strong Bad over Life Back To Music", "Instant Crush" and "Get Lucky"... too good. Oh and "My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but my friends call me Fhqwhgads"  even better.

"Everybody to the limit, everybody to the limit, come on fhqwhgads!"

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