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Tech Spotlight: RollRandom, The #1 EDM Social App, Launches Brand New Version With Video Featuring TJR

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RollRandom is the first social app that connects fans of EDM culture to their local scene. They have just released a completely updated app optimized for iOS7. In coordination with the launch, they've also released a new video (above) featuring TJR that breaks down the culture and vibe of the app.

RollRandom's mission is simple- to unite chill people from all walks of life into one network. The ultimate goal is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to be able to open up the RollRandom app and connect with legit, like-­minded people.

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How does it work? RollRandom users can “Browse Randoms” to locate other chill people nearby. The “Experiences” section showcases electronic music events including raves, festivals, club nights and undergrounds, allowing users to purchase tickets within the app.

Looking to get in the mix quickly? You won’t need to friend or follow anyone on RollRandom. Check out the global “What’s Going Down” feed immediately to see what others are up to at the moment and then use the group chat feature to make plans when you find people in your area looking to kick it. This is critical when you’re looking to pre/after party or need a ride to a show.

“RollRandom takes the best part of EDM/rave culture—the people—and allows them to find and connect with each other on another level” says Caitlin, editor of RollRandom’s blog,, “it’s simple, connect on RollRandom, meet up offline, and keep the party rolling.”

Members of RollRandom know what’s up and know how to be chill. Users know better than to bring up insignificant personal problems and drama seen on other networks. Keeping with the principles of PLURR, members of RollRandom live by one simple motto, “we are all connected.”

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This idea goes hand in hand with the “Oath” presented to users upon registration:

Everyone that decides to Roll Random is here for the same reasons, the only thing that matters is that you have an open mind and are down to meet new people”

While isolated from older social networks, RollRandom and its members are deeply rooted in the EDM scene. Committed to giving back, RollRandom encourages users to “Get Involved” with their non­profit partners EMA (Electronic Music Alliance), Dance Safe, and PLUR Alliance. Randoms can even check out the “Shop” section to receive discounts on cutting edge apparel and gear from the likes of SubPac, PLUR Warriors, Raveolution Recovery Formula, RaverSwag, and Damascus Apparel.

Right now RollRandom is only available on iOS, but we have confirmed that development is definitely in the works for Android.

Download RollRandom on iTunes or visit

The RollRandom Oath:


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