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The Weekly EDM News Mash Up By Dee Sanae

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And so the news of Ultra Music Festival still seems to be at the tip of everyone’s tongue. A video that displays a montage of the worst of Ultra hit YouTube last week as well. Since my Mash-up last week, it seems that UMF has also started a petition to keep the city from shutting down this annual 15 year-old staple in Magic City.

I personally would not like the festival to be shutdown for faulty safety practices. However, there are quite a few organizations in electronic dance music that feel Ultra Music Festival needs to make some changes. This press release, called "EDM Coalition Calls for Updated Safety Practice and Harm Reduction Model as Solution to Ultra Music Festival's Troubles", was issued from organizations that support sustainability and safety at dance music events. Honestly, I didn’t know that there were this many coalitions surrounding dance music and sustainability apart from Electronic Music Alliance and Dance Safe.

The good news is, is that the Mayor is extending the hearing date until April 24th but it’s not letting UMF off the hook. It will be an intense “discussion.” I am sure of it. Expect to see some major changes fans. Will we see a greener, safer festival?

Dee Sanae Mashes Up All The Latest EDM News

On to some upbeat news, Spring has finally sprung, at least for now! And this one of my favorite topics to talk about other than music- what styles people are wearing whether it’s to clubs, festivals or lounges. I am a total fan of no name brands, which seem to be growing and populating the fashion scene. With Coachella, EDC, Mysterland, DEMF and many others approaching us, time to bare some skin and talk threads, not just music.

So with the ones that can't get to Indio, California for the three day festival of Coachella, read up on Magnetic's Fauxchella. This was a pre-gaming and partying experience in the desert with much debauchery that gets underway before the 2014 Coachella festivities started.

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As March Madness ended with a victory for the UConn Huskies, in EDM news Kaskade triumphs over deadmau5 in the DJ March Madness. That would be cool if we could see these guys actually put the turntables aside and see if they would battle in a game. Team Move For Me?

Last but not least, hide yo wife, yo kids, SSN's and change your passwords, a serious security vulnerability is tearing "a hole in the internet."


And just because I love them so, here’s a nice mix from my favorite team out of Australia, “What’s So Not.”

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