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Top Ten Free EDM Downloads Of The Week

I worked hard digging through the deepest depths of Soundcloud this week and I'm stoked on my selection of free EDM downloads. This mix features an array of Aussies, along with a few of the usual and a few of the unknown.


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Two Can, “Fire”
These two chopped this track up and sprinkled some special Aussie love dust all over it. Australia really does have it all. With sexy surfers and smooth sounds like this, one tiny little hole in the ozone layer won’t stop me from stepping into this majestic land. I’ll be sure to pack some sunscreen.

Diplo, “Boy Oh Boy” (TWRK Edit)
I thought I was done with the Boy Oh Boy reworks, but TWRK always gets me. Missy Elliot and Nelly, those were the days. Thanks for bringing them back with some bass.

Justin Timberlake, “My Luv” (Sable Edit)
So many sad attempts at bringing this song back in some new funky way, but what can I say, the Aussies bring it. It sounds like Sable drew some inspiration from our favorite kitty, Cashmere Cat, and I don’t think anyone’s mad about it.

Flume & Chet Faker, “Drop The Game” (Maxx Baer Remix)
Unexpected spin on this track with lots of tings, tangs and tongs. I dig it.

Young Franco, “Bridges”
This song sort of makes me salivate with its bumpy buzzy beats, but maybe I’m just hungry. Grab the free download and if you’re not drooling, at least you’ll be dancing.

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Just A Gent, “Fortaque”
Sweet little song for a sweet little drive by yourself, with your best friend or with your boo. Or with that girl you are definitely cheating on her with. It doesn’t matter, it’s all good. Download and enjoy.

Chief, Games!
One of those songs that could be looped for a few hours and you wouldn’t really notice or mind. Nice work, thanks for the download.

Sango Feat. SPZRKT, “Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife” (STWO Remix)
Slowed down for life’s sweeter moments. Download the track and vibe with me for a minute.

Daktyl, “244”
Blast off into creamy dreamy space with this chill, funky yet trappy track. ‘Preciate the free download.

Ministry Of Sound AUS, “Futurism 2.0”
I began this playlist with an Aussie and I’m concluding it the same way. This minimix features a few fleeting seconds of Duke Dumont, Flume and plenty of other talent. While I wish some tracks weren’t cut so short, it’s nice not having to fast forward through anything.

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