Toronto Bans EDM Events From City Owned Buildings At Exhibition Place

Toronto Bans EDM Events From City Owned Buildings At Exhibition Place


Steve Angello Performing At An EDM Show Last Year At Exhibition Place

City owned properties at Toronto's Exhibition Place will no longer be allowed to host EDM events due to a 4-3 vote by the controlling board, the Star is reporting.

They write:

Those in favour argued it would make teens and tweens safer, saying drug and alcohol abuse among minors is rampant at electronic dance music (EDM) events.

Those opposed said it will do the opposite, calling the safety concern a façade meant to cover up a business owner’s own financial concerns.

Critics of the ban feel that this was not about protecting the health of children, but more about business and a local venue's relationship with controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

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On of the council members who voted against the ban, Mike Layton, said "They’ve used this very emotional argument to improve the financial position of one particular bar owner and one that so happens to be the bar of choice of the mayor”.

Critics also argue that this measure actually hurts the safety of minors, as electronic music events were brought to Exhibition Place in 2000 to allow the city to regulate a party scene taking place in abandoned warehouses.

Layton called the move "a harm reduction approach. Some people might not like it, but kids are going to want to dance.”

This ban is expected to cause a loss of about $1 Million in revenue, as well as potentially damage a recent music alliance Toronto had just signed with Austin, Tx.

You can read the full story here.

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