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Two Possible Deaths At Ultra Music Festival This Year; 2013 Death Attributed To Bath Salts Overdose

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2 Possible Deaths At Ultra Music Festival This Year, 2013 Death Attributed To Bath Salts Overdose


Adonis Escoto, 21, died in a car after attending Ultra Music Festival on Saturday.

The Miami New Times is reporting that there has been one confirmed death at this year's Ultra Music Festival, and speculates there was at least one more.

On their blog, Crossfade, they write "Adonis Escoto, 21, passed away in a car parked near the music festival. He and his friends had been attending Ultra since Friday night. Late Saturday night, however, Escoto suddenly began to feel dizzy."

Miami Police do not have any additional information on the cause of death, as they are awaiting the results of the toxicology reports. An Aunt of Escoto states that he didn't take drugs and thinks  "maybe someone put something in his drink without him knowing".

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While a Miami Fire-Rescue official told the news outlet that he was not aware of any official deaths at Ultra, it is possible that "one patient could have passed away after being transported to a hospital".   Ultra Music Festival did not return calls to the Miami New Times.

The recent incidents at this year's Ultra motivated the Miami New Times to pull the autopsy report of Anthony Cassano, a 20 year old male who died at the same festival in 2013.

They state "according to a report from the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's Office ... Cassano had marijuana in his system when he died. The cause of death, however, was 'acute methylone toxicity' -- in other words, a methylone overdose."

Methylone, more commonly known as "bath salts"  is often passed off by drug dealers as MDMA, although the effects are only somewhat similar.  Methylone has been attributed to several deaths in the US and Europe.

It is believed that metholyne is becoming more common because of the effectiveness of recent law enforcement crackdowns on the chemicals needed to make MDMA, making the drug more scarce.

You can read the complete toxicology/autopsy report on the Miami New Times here.

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