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Uberjak'd Is Gonna Make EDM Culture Bounce Tonight In SoCal

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Uberjak'd Is Gonna Make EDM Culture Bounce Tonight In SoCal

If you don't know what Melbourne Bounce is, it's probably best to go to InTheMix, an EDM culture blog from the genre's home country of Australia. They describe it as "kind of like slowed-down psy-trance in terms of structure, also with electro and – if you want – dubby sounds in it. It’s also very ‘Dutch-y’. Everyone who writes Melbourne music is different from one another".

One of the Australian ambassadors of this genre taking over clubs worldwide is Uberjak'd (Ben Grzywacz).  He's bringing the genre to the US and Europe via his signing to Dim Mak, Ministry Of Sound and Mixmash Records (yes all three!) and wrapping up two part US tour tonight in Southern California at Sutra.

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The dual tour (Part Autojak'd Tour with Autoerotique presented by Dim Mak, and part on his own) had him play for crowds as large as 2000 people, and as small as 150. When asked about which is better for the bounce sound, Grzywacz states "I prefer both actually. Last night I was in Albuquerque at Effex and it was a smaller intimate venue. Just before that I was at Webster Hall in New York and both had a crazy, but different energy".

Regardless of venue size, Grzywacz recognizes a big response from the U.S. crowds towards the Melbourne Bounce sound. He says "it's really cool, I mean, it actually kind of weirds me out. It started off a few years ago with some small venues in Melbourne, now people across the world are really getting into it. It's crazy."

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What is it about what Grzywacz just calls 'the bounce'?. "It's how it makes you feel. It's great club music and there's a good energy behind it" he says. "Whats really makes it cool is everyone who plays it adds their own flavor to it. TJR has his own style, there's a big crossover between the Dutch sound and the bounce sound."

Testament to this Dutch-Melbourne bounce crossover is the new track that Dutch master Laidback Luke and Uberjak'd have finished. They worked on the song together after meeting up at recent gig in Sydney.  Grzywacz won't give any further details, expect that the song is called "Go" and it's stuck in place he humorously calls "label land"- That's the place where tracks go once they are finished and he doesn't know what's happening with them.

After tonight's gig at Sutra, Grzywacz says he's on a flight back to Australia, where he'll kick off yet another tour, this time with D.O.D (a tour for Laidback Luke's label Mixmash).

You can hear the excitement in his voice as he talks about his home, saying "The bounce is huge there!"

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