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V-Moda XS On-The-Ear Micro Headphones Deliver A Big Sound

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V-Moda XS Over-The-Ear Micro Headphones Deliver A Big Sound

Hot off the showroom floor we have received a pair of V-Moda’s new XS model .  They are an update of the original M-80 on-ear headphone. The XS brings in a slimmer and more compact design, improved sound and is overall more comfortable than its predecessor.

Aesthetics - V-Moda has a very definitive style and you either love it or you just don’t get it. The XS is kind of a miniature version of the award winning M-100s with a design that Batman (Christian Bale’s version) and super models would definitely approve of. The headphones are sleek, sexy and elegant in a rockstar kind of way, if that makes any sense? What’s great about the XS is that it folds-up into a very small/slim package. With a gentle click on each ear cup they go into hibernation mode ready to be plunked into the incredible exoskeleton carrying case complete with carabiner. The case almost looks better than the headphones, so huge props across the board on every little detail here, especially the form fitting headband that fits almost flush against your cranium.

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Comfort - After wearing the XS model in several different situations from walking around the block to 'desking' it, the overall verdict is very good. They don’t give you much fatigue as they are light with just the right amount of clamping force. I would not recommend them for exercising, even walking at a brisk pace I developed “sweaty ear.” But these are easily one of the more comfortable on-ear models I’ve worn in the last couple months.

What’s In The Box - The headphones come with the exoskeleton case and an orange nylon detachable cable with one-button remote/mic (Apple three button can be purchased separately). Other accessories are available such as different colored side panels (shields), different types of cables, etc.

- One of the biggest things that set all V-Moda’s headphones apart is quality of construction. From the cable to the headband to the case, everything is top shelf. The headphones are made of metal, no plastic in sight. As far as sound quality goes the XS model is really solid for its price point and the fact that it’s an on-ear model. The sound is crisp and well rounded with most genres of music that I tried (They also have just enough bass to keep you satisfied). If you are looking for something with a beefy bass/more low end sound then these are probably not for you.

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Overall - If you are looking for some sleek, great sounding on-ear headphones in the $150-$200 price range the V-Moda XS is a great contender. They fold-up nice and compact, deliver solid sound and are built incredibly well with a full 2 year warranty.

The V-Moda XS headphones are available for purchase on Amazon for $199.99


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V-Moda XS Over-The-Ear Micro Headphones Deliver A Big Sound

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