Will Ferrell To Produce EDM Comedy "I'm In Love With The DJ"

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Will Farrell To Produce EDM Comedy "I'm In Love With The DJ"

Will Ferrell has green lighted an EDM comedy called I'm in Love With The DJ.  First, let us say this- if it were anyone else but the magic combo of Will Ferrell and Gary Sanchez we would easily write this off as "who cares".  But this is the same team that brought us Anchorman,  and more importantly, STEP BROTHERS, so we're going to play along.

The news just broke on Deadline (via Spin) a couple of hours ago, and here's the short of it:

"The new deal is for an R-rated comedy is about a girl whose two best friends tag along on her work trip to Spain that quickly turns into a crazy hunt for a hot DJ through the electronic dance music scene."

The film is written by Lauryn Kahn, who's been working over at the Funny Or Die Studios for the past few years doing shorts for the sketch comedy website. She recently sold the script He's Fucking Perfect for about $1 million dollars.  That film is currently in production (now under the name The Social Life).

In our eyes this is something that has could have been all bad, but because of the R-Rating and the Ferrell/Sanchez et. al. team it's turned something that might work.

This isn't Hollywood's first jaunt into EDM culture, as Calvin Harris, Jay Z and Will Smith have teamed up with HBO for an Entourage-like show for the cable network.  And if you want to go back to the glory days of house music in nightclubs, you can't forget Night at the Roxbury.

If you're a fan of these quasi-slapstick-raunch comedies, and come on, who isn't, it looks like Will Ferrell is going to be starring along side John C. Riley again for a movie called Border Guards, which Sony Pictures just picked up.

No word yet on a release date for I'm in Love With The DJ,  but we are hoping for sometime soon.  While we're at it, can we please get a Step Brothers 2? Please!!!

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