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Afrojack’s Debut Album Forget the World out May 19

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Afrojack’s debut album Forget the World is out May 19 and it’s shaping up to be a commercial success for the Dutch DJ.  Forget the World includes his hit Ten Feet Tall, along with collaborations from Matthew Koma, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Sting.  Not too shabby for his debut album.

Afrojack has been working on Forget the World for over two years now.  As for the title, he says “I wanted to show people the things you can reach if you do forget the world and if you follow your heart.  That’s what I did, that’s what we all did and that’s why we’re here.”  How did Afrojack come to be working with Snoop Dogg?  They met when they performed together during the MTV European Music Awards.  Shortly after the awards, they headed to the studio and Afrojack says “he went Snoop on me.  Sat down in the king chair, wrote some stuff down and went in the vocal booth.  It was insane.”  But what some might find even more impressive is the collaboration with music industry legend Sting.  Afrojack says it best – “It’s Sting.  That’s one special ass voice. If you’re an actual Sting fan then you’re gonna appreciate the fact that he dropped something new!  He doesn’t drop a lot of things anymore and I’m just honored that he wanted to do it with me.”

You can purchase your copy of Forget the World May 19 on iTunes.


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Check out the album trailer:

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