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Alcohol Poisoning Plagues Concert Goers At All Ages Avicii Show

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Alcohol Poisoning Plauges Concert Goers At All Ages Avicii Show

The Toronto Star is reporting that nearly thirty concert goers were hospitalized after attending an Avicii show in Toronto last night.  There was also one drug related hospitalization and one drug arrest at the concert.

The concert took place at Rogers Centre, (where the Toronto Blue Jays play) and was an all ages event.   The Star writes:

Rogers Centre had its own medics on site, but staff reportedly became overwhelmed by the number of patrons requiring medical assistance and EMS had to be called.

According to media reports, one person was arrested and at least one other was treated for drug use, but the vast majority became ill to varying degrees as a result of alcohol consumption. .

Paramedics said patrons were getting sick before Avicii made it on stage.

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The sold-out electronic dance concert welcomed fans of all ages. Approximately 20,000 people piled into the Rogers Centre to see the Swedish DJ.

EDM concerts in Toronto have been the subject of controversy as of late. In April, all EDM shows were banned from Exhibition Place, a series of city owned venues. This ban was reversed this month, with many feeling the it was more about a rival venue's business rather than stated childhood safety concerns.

This is the most recent major alcohol related incident to hit an EDM concert. In February, about 100 youths were sent to the hospital at a Hardwell show in Belfast, Ireland.

In this instance, John McPoland, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service spokesman said “many of those treated by paramedics were already intoxicated when they arrived at the venue… We believe the majority arrived suffering from too much alcohol”.  Many reports described the scene as an disaster zone.

This resulted in a cancellation of Hardwell's show in Scotland a few days later.

Source: Toronto Star

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